Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm an Eyebrow Nanny!!


My eyebrows are the FRUSTRATIONS of my day!!

If I were ever stranded on an island one day i MUST have an eyebrow pencil with me or i'll go insane.

It takes SO MUCH effort to make my eyebrows look even half decent...and i spend so much energy and time grooming them and correcting them, thus the whole nanny part.

for example, if I could do my makeup in 15 min, I will spend at least 8 min or more of that 15min on my eyebrows than anything else...

I wish I was blessed with good eyebrows that I don't have to invest a lot of energy into making them look good, because eyebrows are what define your face, and all other features on the face. Hey, one reason to like the fact of having a lot of hari on your body right? haha!

Because eyebrows are SO important in framing your features, I don't even have the option of slacking off and getting away with not doing my eyebrows! ><

just FYI...I have extremely thin eyebrows and brow powder will just REFUSE to stick to them, and thus I have to use brow pencils! (brow powder looks so much better!) My favourite brow pencil at the moment is by Gosh and I have the shade in Soft Black.

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one that's in a situation like this, so I would like to know WHAT'S YOUR FRUSTRATION OF THE DAY?

Pick a feature on your face and let me know how you manage to nanny after your most frustrating moments with them! =)


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