Friday, September 24, 2010

Sometimes…I think I’m just a little wacko in the head…

In my latest attempt of trying to stay normal…this is definitely not a good start – although I TOTALLY had fun with this!!

Anyway, so we were on the train back home after a LONG day at school, and somehow the sentence “Luna we should dress up in the same things tomorrow!!!" just came blurting out!!! and not surprisingly at all (with the type of crazy personality that Luna – one of my best friends – has) she agreed.

Thus the shopping trips we had afterwards to dear old Forever 21, where we DID actually manage to pick out some incredibly CUTE things to put together an outfit, which we wore and amused some people TODAY.


This was very FUNNY because, I’m usually of a very conservative type of personality, and for me to have the courage to do this was very much INSANE now that I think of it.

The things that we picked out looked like school uniforms non the less, and that actually got us some funny comments from strangers which I shall write about later on~

Here’s a closer look to what we got:

This was the skirt that we got – Flirty Sailor Skirt ($21.80)

Couldn’t find a picture of the SUPER ADORABLE TEE so here’s a close up of it:

DSC01338We fell in LOVE with this at the EXACT moment when we saw this tee!! It’s a cartoony French toast and it says “bonjour” on the bottom. I love the simplicity and colour of this T-shirt! and this was around $10.00

The skirt was a high waist skirt, so we tucked the T-shirt in and just made it relax a littler. I wore white flats that I got from Aldo a couple months ago, or you can also pair with cute ankle boots or little heels~

DSC01331 DSC01336

DSC01334   DSC01335

BEST comment of the day:

Stranger: *stares at us for a while and finally asks* “which school are you from??”

Me: “uh…U of T"???”

Stranger: “oh…uh…cuz you’re wearing the exact same things”

Luna: “yea…It’s NOT a uniform…we’re just…doing it….for….fun…-.-"

Me: “Oh look! The bus is here!”

*walks away and laughs hysterically*

Luna: “I bet he was thinking ‘whichever school they’re from, I’m definitely not sending my kids there to look ridiculous in these uniforms’!!!"


I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post…and hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

That’s it for now!!!!!!! xD


when i walked into class for BCH210

helen: teehee this shirt is so cool!!!
luna: ouu! so cute it has 'bonjour' on it
sam: ... waitt... don't u hv the same shirt
luna: OH YEA. LOL

hey! i GO TO U OF T
can i look like u2 too? <3
the skirt is adorable!

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