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Thursday, July 29, 2010

[Insert] Purchases expected from China....

I'm just so excited about these purchases that I just had to interrupt my to-do list and insert a post here~~

one of my best friends who is currently in China is getting ready to head back~

I've asked her to grab a couple things for me in China before it's too here's what I decided to get:


VASANA Lashes: 715B

(photo credits to Taobao store:

these are hand-made lashes that are made in Taiwan. They’re SUPER soft and are very high in quality.

The box of lashes contain 10 pairs, and each can be used around 5 times. They retail for 75RMB a box which is somewhat equivalent to $11-12 CAD.

Theses are in the model 715B, and they have a thin and flexible band. They are sort of spiky in appearance and are more for adding definition and volume rather than length. They are approximately 1.1cm in length, and are described to be favourite lashes of Jolin Tse. =)


VASANA Lashes: 217B

(photo credits to Taobao store:

Theses are also hand-made lashes that are made in Taiwan. It’s the same brand (Vasana) that makes the most popular lashes that are used in China and Taiwan these days. There’s also a brand called Cosmo, which I THINK is a company under Vasana, and their lashes are also VERY good!

This box also contains 10 pairs which retails for also 75RMB.

These are model 217B. They also have thin and flexible bands, and can be used multiple times. These are 1.2cm in length and appear to be more for lengthening your lashes than defining them.


Skin79 Hot Pink Super Plus BB Cream

(photo credits to Taobao store:

This, my friends, is the real reason why I’m writing this blog post.

To be honest, I really am not a huge fan of foundations. Even though i have not problem using them, I don’t quite ENJOY them. I’m hoping that BB Cream will change that for me.

BB Creams were first created as cosmetic procedure supplements to clear away scarring or blemishes from surgeries. It’s technically a type of medication, but somehow it’s now a makeup and skin care product.

I chose this specific brand of BB cream because…well….there was a lot of advertisements about it. Since I’m not a huge expert on BB Creams, I thought this is were i should begin. I read some reviews and descriptions of this BB Cream and it seems to be giving back a lot of positive feedbacks. It claims that it’s gentle enough for sensitive skin (which is always the first thing that i try to find out about a product,) and that it has triple functions of whitening, UV protecting, and also contains anti-wrinkle effects.

Since BB cream is more like a skin care item rather than make-up I really hope that it could improve the conditions of my under-skin breakouts, and correct some of the discolouration and scars on my face. I will, however, use this product more as a make-up item rather than skin care, because it does contain colour pigmentations, and should be avoided for direct contact with the skin as much as possible.

According to my research, this product sells for about 80RMB which is about $15CAD. Due to it’s inexpensiveness, it’s also one of the other reasons why I became very interested in this particular product. I’ve also seen some re-sellers and private sellers who carry this item, but they usually sell for $25-30CAD, which is comparatively much more expensive.

I’m VERY VERY excited for it to get here and i CANNOT wait to try it out!!
Definitely stay tuned for updates of when the products get here, and detailed review on it after I’ve tried it out!

Thank you guys for reading, and that’s it for now~~ =)


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mini Haul.....

I don't get it.

A haul is buying a lot of things right?? how could there be a mini hual....??? 0.o...a mini haul is not buying a lot of things....but if i don't buy a lot of things it's not a hual anymore...0.o...or could it be that i buy a little of a lot of things~?!? 0.o............


moving on....

I went ot wal-mart at lunch yesterday and picked up a couple of things...things that i've heard a lot about and finally decided to buy....

1) Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara

I was REALLY REALLY strugling between the original one and Lash Blast Fusion....

I watched a couple of reviews on YT, and they all said that LB fusion was a scam!

and then i thought, since the rave was about Lash Blast and not LB fusion, it proally means that the original formula was better and it'd proally be safer for me to buy Lash Blast than to buy the newer "improved" version of it.
So I did.

Still in the process of trying it out..getting a feeling of this mascara, but so far..i'm REALLY liking it...

expect a review on this shortly!

2) L'Oreal True Match Superblendable Makeup

remeber how a couple days ago i was still debating about this?

Well, when the impulsive nature of me took over yesterday, it wasnt such a big decision to make anymore....>.>

As i mentioned before...I REALLY like the fact that L'Oreal is the only brand that actually bothered to take undertones into consideration when makeing their foundations, so I had a very easy time picking out the right shade for me, and it was an EXACT match to my skin tone right now...>.> which might i PRETTY dark!! (T.T II'm now a true beige......)

I literally spent only 2 mins at the stand to pick out colours!! The colour of the foundation in the bottle is pretty closely matched to the actual colour of the foundation. Thumbs up L'Oreal!
Will also do a review on this soon~

3) NYC Colour Wheel mosaic Face Powder

AS raved by Tao...My favourite guru on YT....

I went and got the shade peach glow...which is absolute GORDEOUS!!!
These powders shocked me!! because i NEVER expected it to be THIS pigmented and smooth~~

I'm surprised because these were actually designed to be like an all over face powder for correcting undertone problems...0.o...well...if i bought this for that purpose i probably and likely won't be impressed with this at all....but for a blush it's one MEAN product~~ there are a couple other shades that i'm really interested in...these are DEFINITELY going on my wish list~ expecting a review on this~
Overall...i think this was a good mini haul!! I'm very impressed with ALL of the products that i bought..and you makeup freaks out there know: this DOESNT happen very often~
Keep your head up for updates, reviews and swatches~~
But that's it for now~~ =)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cleaning up the mess~~

So now that i've gotten in a habbit of blogging it's really is kinda addictive~~><

I have SO many ideas, and so many things that i want to blog about and tell you all about~ it's insane~

So to prevent myself from forgetting what i wanna write about (cuz i can't do it all in one day..T.T) i shall write a to-do list:

1) mini haul from my new friend...wal-mart
2) current drug store wishlist
3) cover girl lash blast review and rant
4) mascara favs and hates
5) NYC powder review
7) Clinique DDSM review and My beauty Diaries review
8) foundation routine, and random rambles...

yep....i think that's enough to keep me busy for a while..xD

not to mention i still have to study hard for my Classics course...T.T

OH! and I considering changing the appearance of my blog~~
need to think of a new colour theme though...

anyway~ that's all for now~ =)

I sense the beginning of a BEATIFUL friendship....

....with WAL-MART

yep....wal-mart it is....

I used to not be a fan of wal-mart at all...

Until I started make-up that is....

The truth is, I think Wal-Mart's cosmetics section OWNS all of the other stores out ther (*AHEM!* shoppers...) no offense or anything Sam..xD

Why do I love Wal-Mart?

The number one obvious reason is because of the prices.

The prices set for their products are MUCH more reasonable than some shoppers....>.>

I mean...for example....Revlon Photoready retails for i think $17.00 at Wal-Mart, whereas shopper sells for $21.00....that's a FOUR dollar difference and basically 1/4 of the actual product's value!!

Second thing that i've come to love about wal-mart is that, because it's an american store, it's pretty much the only place that you're able to get your hands on some of the American drug store brands like wet n' wilde, or NYC...although you can maybe dig deep and find some of these brands somewhere out there, but it's just much easier to go to Wal-mart and grab w/e you need...besides they do have a very large and rather complete set of inventory for you to choose from...

Finally, there's the factor that's kept me away from buying make-up at wal-mart all these years: RETURN policy. Yep....I don't know who it was that told me you can't return opened items at Wal-mart, especially in the cosmetics section...whoever this person is...can go abd chew on a lipstick....the truth is....(as i've just found out...>.>) you can most DEFINITELY return cosmetic products at Wal-Mart, and it's just as easy as doing it at any other stores, returning any other items! All you need is your original receipt and any packaging that the product came in, and they will go ahead and refund you via the same payment method for the purchase. =D

So, after all of this, I must say...Wal-Mart is definitely going to soon be a favourite place of mine, and I'm sure the workers at the store will be seeing me quite frenquently from now on...which is definite a BAD thing..considering my office is RIGHT across the street from a Wal-mart...yea....>.>

but ANYWAY....that's it for now...=)

Happy shopping everyone~

Monday, July 26, 2010

Mindless babbled........

Poo...sitting in class listening to boring prof blabbing about Greek alphabet which I don't think anyone has any idea of what in the world she's talking about...ANYWAY~ enough of that..

Since I'm current extremely bored, I though I'd update my I stole the lovely "angry toast's" iPhone <3 lol

Just wanted to update everyone on how the CS brushes are working out for me. I've now tried the eyeliner brush and the big face brush from the pink set andalso the separate eyebrow brush...

The eyeliner brush worked really well for me.....I thought the bristle were very food in length so that force can be applied really nicely to get a smooth line,the handle's length was alsoreally good so that it's not too long so that you can't control it properly...

The face brush however I thought was a bit scratchy on my face...which I was kinda dissapointed at...however,I will be honest and confest that I got lazy and didn't wash the brushes before I used them...I know that's like one of THE WORST habits tk have...but I've just been so busy any desperately wanted to try these what can I do..I'm just addicted to makeup....

I think I've previously mentioned the fact that I was kinda posses off about the eyebrow brush because the bristles were very scratchy and short and dry that I thought I wasted my money on it...ecenthough that was the case I still bothered to try the brush out and surprisingly it worked really well!!! I think it's because of the fact that it's so short and rough, it was really easy to pick up the colour and filled in the brows very well~

As for the rest of the brushes in the set, I'm leaving the task of trying then out AFTER I wash all of them...XD

anyway...gonna go back to listening to the prof rambling on....that's all for now...=]

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Second Opinion Needed…L’Oreal superblendable Foundation

Tempted to buy: REVLON True Match Super Blendable Foundation


1) very large range of colour selection (THEY ACTUALLY HAVE SHADE DIFFERENCES!!)

2) it's apparently light weight and very blendable

3) gives a natural radiant glow (like REVLON Photoready..but without the SHIMMER...WHICH I ABSOLUTELY HATED!!)


1) a very small bottle

2) I've not been a big fan of L’Oreal

3) I've been told that there's excess amounts of lead in their products



that’s it for now.

Monday, July 19, 2010


For someone who has typical asian lashes (ie. short, stubby, stiff, straight, points down...etc etc..) i'd say i'm in a crisis here...

My old lash curler was of a random brand that I purchase about a year ago in China.

I have a tendency to lean towards buying asian lash curler because:

1) They are not as curvy as western ones so they fit my flater eyes better.
2) They are generally lighter (from what i've noticed anyway,) and easier to use and handle to get the desired results from you lashes

3) I've had a history of asian lash curler giving me a better result just in general.

4) I think they look better....LOL
so i've heard about Shu Uemura likewise every other person on the planet who's into makeup...-.-

Yes, I hate the fact that it's so goddang gorgeous and insanley tempting for a makeup junkie

but i'm not WILLING to spend 30 bucks on a lash curler......and i SERIOUSLY belive that I should be able to get a decent lash curler under that given price for the Shu one....right???

actually...there should be MANY lash curlers out there that fits the description of what i want right????

and there is my problem...

I just have no idea WHICH ones out there would be a good choice...

so you see my dilemma....

anyone that knows of a lash curler that you think is a good one, just leave your comment below.

Thanks a whole bunch!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

FOTD...rare...the going-out-to-dinner-with-parents look..

under the light

under sunlight

this is just a quickie little post...

on face:
1) Clinique Superbalanced Makeup - Alabaster
2) Revlon Colourstay concealer - Light
3) Coastal Scents blush and highlight pallet - brown
4) MAC 2009 Holiday Hocus Pocus Colourful face kit - Pretty Baby
5) Benefit Coralista (yes...i used 2 blushes...)
6) MUFE HD powder
7) Watson's Facial mist - Rose

on eyebrows:
1) MAC E/S - Copperplate
2) Maybelline clear mascara to scuplt

on eyes:
1) Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil - Jet Black
2) Kiss Me Long and Curl Mascara

on lips:
1) MAC satin lipstick - Cherrish
2) MAC lipglee - lilacrush

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

VERY delayed CS Brush Set Pictures

The brush set is a very good size to bring with you when travelling.

The black on in there is the CS eyebrow brush...which i've yet to test out...

I adore the design of the case! I love the fabric of the case, and also the colour..which makes this whole set SOO very girly!! ^^

I also think that the case if very simple and chic compared to alot of the other brush cases that CS sells on their website.

The only thing that i would consider as "problematic" maybe, is that one of the magnetic clasps on my case doesn't work properly. It's not as magnetic, and I would actually need to place the top of the clasp to the bottom in order for them to stick togther...>< but i guess it's just a minor issue that i don't really need to stree over about. =)

I think this set is well worth the price at which i purchased this at!

If you are just starting out with makeup and brushes, i definitely would recommend this! it's a great value for the stuff that you get, and i do believe that the quality of the items are very well worth the money spent!

I'll do another blog post shortly after to follow up on the quality of the actual brushes themselves. =)

That's it for now.

Coastla Scents Pink Brush Set

Finally got my Pink Brush Set from Coastal Scents yesterday~~

*will upload pictures later*

This is my second order with CS, and the customer service is without a doubt really really good!

The package got here within a week, and since I got the set on sale, everything including shipping was a total of under $20!!!

The first impression of the whole set was that it was AMAZINGLY CUTE! The colour was such an adorable shade of soft baby pink, I'm sure EVERY girl would fall in love with it!! ^^

However, there was a really disgusting industrial chemical scent that remained on the brushes and pouch that couldn't go unnoticed!

hopefully it'll get better after washing it out....

Also with the set of brushes, was an order of their eyebrow brush.

I must say that I'm quite disappointed with this brush. :(

The brush head was extremely TINY! The bristles were not only short, but it was scratchy and very messy. I'm not sure how well this is going to work out for me, but it was totally unexpected that such quality came from Coastal Scents.

Other than that, it was generally an enjoyable experience this time around! =)

Aside from the coastal scents order, I've been fiddling with my daily skin care routine quite a bit recently. To add to that, I'm COMPLETELY in love with the Clinique Dramatically Different Skin Moisturizer!

But that shall be a different post for another time...

In the mean time, if you're interested in ordering from Coastal Scents, just visit their website,
Be sure to sign up for the newsletter to have them email you about their Friday sales, so you won't miss out on any of the good deals out there~

Anyway, that'll be all for now...

Happy shopping everyone! =)


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