Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Breaking Tartans’ Virginities + Tartan FOTD…=)

Please don’t think wrong about the title…lol…let me explain:

You know when you finally make the decision of buying a product that you’ve eyeing for quite a while, but never really get the courage to put the money down? Then you get the beautifully packaged, brand new product in your hand, and you just can’t bring yourself to dip your fingers or a brush in it to ruin it~?!?~ (which if you’re like me, a bit OCD-ed, this can literally drive you insane!) Then finally, you decide that you’ve waited too long to try this product, and you finally open up the package and take your first swipe at it~?!….well….that’s what I mean by breaking a products virginity!!!

Anyway, so after sitting on my dresser for 5 days, I’ve finally decided that it was time to put my Tartans to good use!

For a normal school day, Her Blooming Cheeks would not have been the best or the smartest choice to make for a blush, but I was so desperate to try them out, I decided to take that risk anyway……FORTUNATELY it didn’t go wrong!! (Thank Goodness for a light hand!)

Here are some FOTD pictures.


1) Cut a Caper is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS~!!!! It is possibly, to date, THE best colour to fit my skin tone and natural lip colour so well!!! (Definitely earned back every penny that I paid for this lippie…)

2) I have to admit, worrying about the blush being too bright, I probably applied it a little bit TOO light…><. It might not be that noticeable in the pictures, but…you can still see the little bit of pinky flush that it adds to my cheeks, which needless to say is just a stunning effect!!

3) I heard from a friend (S) that Her Blooming Cheeks is a pro colour…so…if I ever run out of this colour (GOD KNOWS WHEN THAT DAY WILL EVER COME WHEN I RUN OUT OF BLUSH COLOURS) I should still be able to get my hands on it…provide that this is a true rumour…O.O

Anyway…enough blabbing, here are the pictures:

DSC01777 DSC01778DSC01779 DSC01781 (excuse the hair…bad hair day….><)

Hope that was entertaining…

That’s it for now!<3


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