Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Want to get rid of Chapped lips and scars?? VE can help!!


Chapped lips has not been a huge thing that I've had to deal with, but I definitely know a lot of people that has problems with it!

My vocal teacher used to always make fun of us for using chapsticks because they contain alcohol contents that actually works to dry your skin out instead of replenishing them with moisture.

The weather shift from fall to winter is really brutle in Canada, because once the furnace goes on, the air indoors suddenly becomes extremely dry, and that is when I suffer the most from peeling!!

Last week, I accidentally rubbed my lip and it instantly ripped open a huge split on my lips that bled for a couple days! But I have the perfect way of dealing with it!! Vitamin E

yes, Vitamin E is one of those vitamins that we really haven't figured out how exactly it helps your body. But from previous experices I know that Vitamin E is something that you can depend on to help heal wounds and accelerate skin repairment.

If you have chapped lips, dry lips, acne scars, any kind of minor scars, this is what you can do:

Use a Q tip and just dab a bit of Vitamin E oil on it, then spread a thin layer over the surface of your scar or wound or w/e and it'll help it to heal really quickly! and I say scars because it's helped me to reduce the look of breakout scars (yes, I scare easily) on my face!

Please be adviced though: DO NOT USE THIS ON OPEN can use this over wounds that have dried out or have a thin layer of newly form skin or even a scab on it (ew gross right? xD) but please do not use this on open wounds!!

One last thought: to obtain the BEST result on lips, you can first apply ONE layer of lip balm and then plaster Vitamin E over it and sleep in them; you'll wake up with the SOFTEST lips ever!! =D

Try it and tell me what you think! =]

p.s. you can use any kind of vitamin E you like - whether it's in capsule form or just bottles of vitamin E oil, they'll all work out fine~


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