Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Very Exciting!!

I got to do my FIRST EVER photo-shoot makeup today!!!

Well, my friend’s friend is doing a thing for a photography class project, but EITHER WAY…it was something that I’ve never done before and I was just so excited for it!!! eeeeek! lol!

The whole thing was pretty simple, so let me share with you what I brought with me!

1) My Coastal Scent’s 88 E/S and Blush and contouring palette - I ADORE these, because they have a full range of colour to pick and choose from and they’re extremely convenient to carry around!!
2) I had my Coastal Scent’s pink blush set with me, along with some random general brushes varying from ELF to Sephora brushes depending on what I used them for.
3) I also had my Duo dark tone with me for falsies – FAILURE THOUGH BECAUSE I FORGOT TO BRING A PAIR OF SCISSORS WITH ME!!!!! T.T FML
4) I had my Evian Spray, and my favourite powder – MAC Studio Fix powder foundation
5) I had my MUFE HD powder for setting, and also my Bare Escentual Illuminating Mineral Veil
6) I carried along my sample sized MUFE HD blush in #4 and also my Anna Sui eye glitter for the E/S base
7) I took a little bit of my Gold Mode pigments with me
8) and also some primers, and tinted moisturizers, and concealer:
9) As for eyeliners and mascaras, I had my MUFE Aqua Black, Maybelline Falsies, and also the Cover Girl eyeliner (forgot the exact name, the one that’s like UD 24/7):

and…that’s pretty much it!!

The concept was really simple: the project was suppose to represent an ad of some sort, and to illustrate basic colour principles. So we were kind of selling…well…COLOUR!! Which is such a fun and simple theme to be working with, I mean, colours…that’s what makeup is all about isn’t it!!!

The requirement was to present at least 3 different colours, and so I picked: Gold, Bright Fuscia, and PURPLE! Did a really bright and vibrant 3-toned semi-smokey and had  really palely flushed cheeks and nude lips!

This was the final result:

DSC01891DSC01892DSC01893DSC01897DSC01898 Sam was my model today – I had a LOT of fun! and she was amazing!! (as always! <3) These were taken with my Sony camera, but I can’t wait until the actual photos come out!!! ^^

Hope you’ve enjoyed!

That’s it for now! =)


omg im actually kinda embarrassed now.... LOOOL >W<!!!! but u did very nice makeup :3

HAHA! why are you embarrased?~?!~? xD you looked awesome! =D and thank you! ^^

this is what u were talking about eh?? woah i'm impressed helen! :O :O

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