Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Ebay False Lashes -- Trial and Review [Text Heavy]

Hello everyone,

It's been a while! I've been doing some personal reconstructing in the past while, and so I apologize for the lack of my presence on planet blogger!

Today I wanted to talk to all of you about buying false lashes on Ebay, and to give you a first impression/initial review of these babies!

If you live in North America, it is often very difficult to get good false eyelashes for a more affordable price compared to someone in Asia let's say! In Toronto for example, you could either go to Pacific Mall and pay at least SIX TIMES the actual price for the lashes, or you can buy off of private dealers that sell them for no less than THREE TIMES the actual prices! Sadly, these are more or less the most convenient ways of getting your hands on these wonderful makeup tools, and unfortunately, for a freelance makeup artist like myself who constantly need to replenish these products, the high prices can get very frusting and expensive on the business!

So recently, when I was ordering disposable mascara wands off of Ebay, I thought to myself "why have I never considered ordering lashes off of Ebay?"

And the truth is, I never did because for the longest time, Ebay products were kind of "sketchy" (for the lack of a better word choice) to consumers, and this is especially true when it comes to health and beauty related product that could make you sick!

But, curious to explore for more options, I decided to search up "false eyelashes," and BOY was I happy that I did!!

To reduce the risk of ending up with an irresponsible or scam seller, I stayed with the Top Seller picks that Ebay recommended and came across a seller named "butterflybeauty168" and below is the link to his/her store:

This seller had TONES of beauty products in her store including, nail art products, brushes, makeup, lashes etc. I couldn't tell you exactly about the quality of the other products, but when I received the lashes in the mail today I was VERY SURPRISED!

Here's a snapshot of the lashes:

So below, I've broken down the whole experience in a couple different categories for you all to read.

This seller had a HUGE variety of lashes to choose from! All different makes, styles and brands.

I used to purchase my lashes from factory distributors whenever I got the chance to go to China. However that was very burdensome, because I would have to lug about 20 packs of lashes in my luggage, and not to mention I would have to bend over infront of the dealer's little section in almost a flea market kind of setting, for hours to pick out the lashes that I wanted!! A little off topic but the point being, those where the cheapest prices that you'd be able to get for good quality lashes, and I must say that I was really satisfied for the similarity in pricing between this seller and the pricing that I would've received had I bought lashes directly from China.

Shipping was wonderful because it was FREE!!! The seller is actually located in HongKong, but the product got to me within ONE WEEK!! and I didn't have to pay for anything extra which was AMAZING!

I wanted to say that I was taken back by how pretty one of the packaging looked (the pink one)! When I first opened the envelope, for a second I thought it was Dollywink lashes...

This would be the BIG topic that everyone is waiting for!
I'd like to start off by saying, these will not be the softest or the most delicately and carefully made lashes you'll find on the market, but they ARE the best quality that you will get for the pricing if not BETTER!
The seller claims that these are hand made lashes, but I will let everyone know straight up that they are NOT. This is the somewhat controversial aspect of buying off of Ebay. If you decided that you wanted to buy these lashes for the sake of the handmade quality, then you'll feel like you got scammed the money. However, with the price that they're sold at, no one should really be expecting hand-made lashes, simply because it would not be practical to produce handmade lashes with the cost of labour and material AND shipping at the labelled price!
Some may argue that the seller lied about the product description, but from my stand point, I would not be bothered by this detail, because despite what the product description claimed, the pictures that were posted with the product listing were VERY TRUE TO THE REAL THING
The lashes are very sturdy (as in they are made to last and can be re-used) but they were still relatively soft! 
Would I use these on my clients? DEFINITELY YES!!

Overall, I am REALLY glad that I took the chance and ordered these from Ebay, and I definitely recommend this seller for furture purchases!

I will post below the 3 styles of lashes that I purchase and if you have any questions feel free to either leave me a comment or email me directly at:!




Thank you everyone for reading, and I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Stay Warm~


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