Sunday, March 28, 2010

My first post: PROJECT 10 PAN!!!

Everyone please read this post carefully!!

What is project 10 pan?

A movement started by a YT guru - lollipop26

Concept of Project 10 Pan

How hard is it for you to withstand the temptation to walk into sephora or MAC every time you go shopping? Project 10 Pan is a movement for girls to completely finish 10 full size cosmetic products. During this period, no new makeup could be bought, until the 10 products have been completely consumed.

Why Project 10 Pan?

I've come to realize that i've been spending massive amounts of money on makeup that just piles up and never gets to be used! I'm sure a lot of you are also going through the same thing! This is a WAKE UP CALL!! and it'll also help you shrink your collection so you will once again be able to buy newer stuff and also get in a habit of USING them...and plus it makes you appreciate your money so much more!! xD

My Project 10 Pan:

1) Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick - Pink Please (about 50% done)

2) Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil - Underground (40% done), GunMetal (70% done)

3) Bare Minerals Primer Time Fpundation Primer (50% done) [i really need to get rid of this!!><]

4) randome borwn eyeshadow that i got in china..xD (about 5% used...xD)

5) NYX Mosiac Powder - 07 Cafe (98% new)

6) ELF studio concealer - Beige (20% done)

7) ELF Super Glossy Lip Shine - Candlelight (20% used); Lancome Juicy Tube Ultra Shinny Lipgloss - Miracle (5% used) [counting 2 of them cuz they're small and quickly used]

8) ELF studio Blush - Peechy Keen (5% used?)

9) Covergirl LashBlast Length Waterproof (5-10% used)

10) Kiss Me Smooth Liquid Eyeliner (no idea how much is used..><)

So it's a LONG way to go for some of the products for me...xD it's just that i have so much, i used to switch products everytime i do makeup. But this year, i'm taking out a couple products and putting them in a "daily" makeup bag while all the rest remains in my makeup "box" stashed away for special occassions...xD

this is not the only things that i use daily, there are others, i just chose not to include them in the 10pan project =)

Here's the things from my "daily" bag:

so you see....there are multiple liners, and multiple concealers, multiple mascaras, multiple primers that i keep out for daily uses. So it is going to be a LONG wait for my 10 pan to be complete...xD

Wish me luck! and i will tag people to do this project with me...even if you don't use makeup daily. And you're gonna have to replay to this post or do a one that's similar to this!!

I tag:

1) Qian Feng

2) Shirley Bao

3) Sophia Tao

4) Luna He

5) Lily Li

6) Sam Wong (my love!!! xD)

7) Mandy Lu

To anyone that's interested in the project: Feel free to join! and just leave a comment saying that you've also joined!! =)

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LOL. h'okay. i got my hk stuff :D
now i really need to do a 10 pan thing... cause im going back to hk in a month and im prob gonna buy more...and i need to return my tokidoki the one i bought the lid is cracked/broken >.>

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