Monday, September 20, 2010

I’m Proud of Myself…=)

Yep!! VERY VERY PROUD of myself!


Because it’s been officially past a months since I’ve bought ANY make-up related products that I can recall…

I’m also proud of myself because I’m on the edge of FINISHING a couple of my products!! This is when I get excited and tell myself that I can FINALLY make a new shopping list!! =D

LOL…I think I deserve a pat on the back~~ don’t you?

I’m DEFINITELY looking forward to hitting the stores again and grabbing a couple more things that I’m actually in need of because I’ve finished off what I have on hand.

Speaking of being absent (from shopping or blogging…) I’ve really been MIA for quite a while…School has just been so chaotic…however i really do like second year better, because all the courses starts to fit together and they compliment each other so you’re really learning, and repeating a lot of the same material in different classes, and it’s a great way to get a better grasp of the concept and remember it well!!

I’m also proud of myself because I got into UHN AND~~ a CSB lab to do work!! Haha!! which means I’ll be starting to volunteer at both The Princess Margaret Hospital, and also CSB labs!!!! I’ll be super busy~ and that means no time for makeup O.O…maybe I’ll do a post on some of the products that I use to create a perfect complexion on the go!! O.O (which is pretty much everyday for me…-.-)

ANYWAY~~ I’m totally rambling now about things that are unrelated to beauty…>.>

I’ll soon do some posts on my favourite products at the moment, skin care update, and some hair products that I’ve using…=)

Hope you guys are having a great week!!

That’s it for now~ =)


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