Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I love Drew Berrymore…but…hey~ can’t blame me that skepticism is in my personality…><

Ok…so as a present to myself on the last day before school starts again, I went to see “Going the Distance” with my boyfriend yesterday.

I LOVED the movie! It was hilarious, and REALLY fun to watch! It’s a great movie to watch when you’re looking for something that’s light-hearted and just something that’s easy and entertaining! =)

The cast was WONDERFUL~ and all are very talented actors whom made the film very enjoyable~!

That being said…there was ONE thing…and a very minor thing too…perhaps not even considered a “thing” to some people…that BOTHERED me THROUGHOUT the whole dang movie!!

…and that was Drew Berrymore’s…





I know it’s a VERY minor detail…but if you’re as OCD-ed as I am…looking at something so minor like that for a long time…will drive you I-N-S-A-N-E!!!


Like I said…i LOVE her…I think she’s BEAUTIFUL, TALENTED and the PERFECT candidate for the role…but DANG CAN I NOT STARE AT HER EYEBROWS!!!

I’ll show you what I mean!

This was her eyebrows when she was promoting the CG Lashblast Fusion:

DrewBarrymore Beautiful isn’t it~?! I personally finds her face absolutely STUNNING~! Her eyebrows here are full, and very defined and shaped very nicely…basically…PERFECT…=D

but, this is her eyebrows in the movie:




seriously…I mean…I get that they were trying to achieve a more “REAL” look to suite the character…but…they could’ve at least taken the initiative  to try and make them look “real” but also nicely groomed and filled in…

Eyebrows is a BIG pet-peeve of mine…and seeing them neglected as they were in the movie drove me CRAZY!!

My boyfriend could not understand why I was complaining about it at the end of the movie…but girls…if you’re as much of a make-up freak as I expect you to be…then you should DEFINITELY get how I feel about ‘em…

Anyway…regardless, I still ADORE Berrymore and her character…and I guess the M.A. is really the one to blame this time… LOL~

Hope you guys have a GREAT week~~

That’s all for now.. <3 ~


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