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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Japan Crisis?? Radiation and effects on beauty community~?!~ O.O


I don’t think many of us here in North America can feel the side effects of the Japanese earth quake yet…but I’ve already encountered some problems of my own that I think may affect the beauty community quite a bit…

I don’t know about other people, but being an Asian, I must say that I keep going back to Asian brands…Some how, I just feel like that they tend to work a little bit better, and that might just be because they were made specific to Asians and they target certain issues differently than European or American Brands.

I have certain items that I think I CANNOT live without, so with the whole radiation issue, I’m beginning to be REALLY reluctant when it comes to purchasing Japanese made products!

I never realized this, until my dad mentioned that maybe we should be careful when purchasing Japanese products, and my mom blurted out: OH YOUR JAPANESE SHAMPOO!

Anyway…the following 2 items are things that I don’t think I can live without and CANNOT find an alternative that lives up to its standards!! I’m probably going to go out this weekend and stock up on these items that were produced before March and hope that I can still find them!! ><

1) SANA Soy Milk Cleansing Milk


THIS STUFF IS A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!! It is basically a milky light textured makeup removing lotion that you rub ALL over your face, and it will take away EVERYTHING on your face!!! O.O I mean absolutely EVERYTHING!! It’s NOT oily or greasy, and it leaves your face feeling SOOOO SOFT afterwards!! I use this to remove all my face makeup on a daily basis and I have NO idea what I’m gonna do when I finish my backup bottle!! O.O -------> MUST GO STOCK UP ON THIS!!!


2) Any type of Japanese mascara!!!!!


I have tried almost EVERY single type of waterproof drugstore mascara out there on the North American Market and there will NEVER be anything that will outcompete Japanese mascaras!!!! The technology involved in making these just makes the BIGGEST differences to how they perform…Japanese mascaras will NEVER BUDGE on my eyes, regardless the situation (mind you I’ve worn this when I cried for 3 hours straight and I’ve worn it to a water park,) and I’ve not gotten a SINGLE smudge!!! They make my lashes SOOO long!! and I love the fact that they’re packing FIBRES on to your lashes to make them long, and by doing this, it avoids the clumping of thick mascara coatings that you get from western mascaras!!!!!! I’m planning to go all out and STOCK UP!!!


There are a couple more Japanese products that I’m using at the moment, but I already have some items in mind that I think may be able to replace those when I run out…but THESE….they are just things that, over the years, I’ve tried so many others, and NOTHING could live up to the standards that was set by these products!!


I know I’m probably worrying quite a bit too much for the time being, considering that all exports from Japan are closely monitored…but these are things that are basically soaking into your skin and sticking around your eyes…which are all major organs of the body and is constantly entering your system ---- they can be severely damaged if radiation was detected!!! so being a physiology and biology major, it’s INSTINCTIVE for me to think about the long term affects on a person’s health and well being, and I just feel like it’s not worth it to sacrifice my health for beauty…O.O


I just want to throw this out there and make people aware of the situation, and be able to make better judgements in a circumstance like this one!!


Plus, if you live in Toronto, you probably know that a lot of the Asian stuff you get are from sources like Pacific mall, where they are not legit importing stores that are selling these products, but rather individuals that may have some way of bringing these products into the country to sell…which makes it hard to track where they got their things from, and whether it’s been properly tested for quality and in this case safety of use…


Anyway, let me know what you think!! or if you have any suggestions for replacements for these products!!


Thanks for reading!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

March Forever 21 Wishlist

Forever 21 changes their inventory so fast, it’s quite hard to keep up with them actually…

I LOVE Forever 21, don’t get me wrong, but I HATE having to go into the store where there’s a million people already there, and trying to dig through piles and piles of cloths to find something I like.

I think Forever 21 is good in terms of staying on top of the trend, but I feel like not everything there is up to standards. Most of their pieces I find, look super nice on display, but when you actually throw them on, they kind of suck all over…>.>

For me, usually I’d have to go through EVERYTHING to find ONE item that I like….IF I’m lucky…

Therefore I’ve resolved to looking through their newer things online…selecting the ones I like, printing them out, and then find them in the store to try on. If I like them, I’ll buy them, if I don’t then I won’t…saves time and energy!

Here are the items that I picked out this time around:

1. Linen-Blend Shorts (Beige) ---- $17.80 CAD


Lately, I’ve been really into casual-formal wear O.O…(sucks to be older,) so I thought these shorts would be great to pair up with pretty much anything and still stay semi-formal. I chose the Beige colour because I can pair different coloured tights with them!! =)


2. Button Tab Cotton short (Black) ---- $23.80 CAD


I really like these because, again, I’m staying with the neutrals that you can pair anything with, and I feel like the shape of this pair of shorts is very flowy….I have wide hips..and I thought that it might do a good job at covering those up…


3. Career Day Shirt (Navy) ---- $9.40 CAD (sale)


I think these shirts are very versatile. You can tuck them to get a really slouchy look, or you can leave them out for a flowy look. They can be worn with pants, jeans, shorts, skirts and tights…or anything else you can think of…O.O


4. Georgette Floral Top (Grey/Pink) ---- $21.80 CAD


I am a SUCKER for detailing around the neck line. I wear a lot of cardigans and jackets over things, so the neck line of the shirt underneath either makes or breaks the outfit! I love how this is a V neck, and the ruffles make it look extra sweeeeet~ ^^. Although for the price, it is a bit not worth it…T.T


5. Ruffled Wide Belt (Black) ---- $6.50 CAD


I’ve been looking for a wide belt for a while now. I wish they had this in a more beige-y/neutral colour, but I think black does well too…


6. Floral Print and Tassel Scarf (Cream/Multi) ----$10.80 CAD


I have been soooooo into floral prints!! I love the look of this scarf being so CLEAN…I feel like a lot of the times, floral prints get so busy they can be overwhelming…this one…because the colours are so soft, you can pair it with just about anything…I think this would be PERFECT for the spring! xD


That’s about it…surprisingly I didn’t find any jewelleries that I liked…especially earrings. I feel like they have a LOT of hanging earrings at the moment, and I am SUCH a “studs” girl, it’s hard for me to be excited about any of the earrings right now..~~


Thanks for Reading!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Planning Ahead…


As always, I am invited back to my high school tomorrow night to judge for the annual Talent Night…(4 hours of show….where there is more BAD than GOOD….definitely not SUPER excited about this…)

Anyway, I always try to dress up a bit for the show. Even though it’s not something very fancy and formal, I always felt like it made us, the judges, a little bit more professional looking. So that the kids don’t take us as “just some random graduates we’ve had in the past…”

I’m going for sort of a sweet and professional look tomorrow night. So I paired a very cute and spring-y tank top that I just bought from Forever 21, together with a white cardigan.

DSC02997The tank is dark navy blue and has ruffles on the collar and down the center, and is made of super soft cotton material!

I’m going to pair this with dark washed skinny jeans and a pair of black heels!! =D

I think it’s going to be simple and classy~~ xD

I’m planning to pull my hair back into a bun and wear some bold earrings to accommodate for the emptiness.

I’m kind of deciding between these two:

These are silver earrings with dark blue crystals in the center, and they kind of resemble Vivian Westwood…O.O


These are GOLD matte finished earrings with jewels and pearls clustered in the center…I love the fact that these are so detailed, the petals have folds carved in them and the structures of the flower are incredible!


I think I like the GOLD with the blue a little bit more, because it kind of stands out both with my navy blue top and also against my black hair!

My rule for dressing up is never to go over THREE colours when it comes to choosing your main pieces~~


Other than that, I think that’s really it!  What do you all think??

I hope I will have time to do OOTD tmr!! ><

Thanks for reading!  

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Asian Skin Care MADNESS!!! LOL @ Estee Lauder counter sales girl…(no harm intended)


Just a little something that happened when I visited the Estee Lauder counter the other day…xD

So as we all know….well….I assumed that most know anyway…Asians are especially OBSESSED with their skin care!!!
It’s ways been in the Asian culture, that taking care of your skin (ie. having smooth, silky, and porcelain skin,) showed your societal status. The skin care market is HUUUUGE in Asia, and as Michelle Phan pointed out, that an Asian female averages about NINE skin products per day!

I don’t know about you, but I think I average more than 9 products per day…O.O


So to me, it was always INTUITIVE that you layer your skin care products!! Even if you’re NOT Asian, and you don’t use a S*** load of products on your face daily, layering is still the technique that you use to apply your eye cream before your serum, and your moisturizer after righhhht?

So I was at the Estee Lauder counter 2 weeks ago, and I was thinking of investing into the Nutritious moisturizer. I told the sales girl that I was looking for a very LIGHT WEIGHT and liquid-y moisturizer. She asked me: well you don’t seem that oily, if you use a thin moisturizer you it might not be enough…and I told her that it was okay because I layer a couple different moisturizers and that there was no problem with my skin drying out….

After I said that to her, she had the most STARTLED look on her face~! And she looked at me and said:






I’m not sure about all of you, but I wasn’t quite sure HOW exactly I should answer her…so I just said:  well I have a couple different moisturizers with different functions, and I just use them combined….

She still had that SHOCKED look on her face and blankly replied: “…oh….okay…."


Like I mentioned in the title, there’s no intention of harming her in anyway, I just thought that this was very amusing and INTERESTING…

I have always layer my skincare products and a presumed that everyone else also did it. O.O

So…….What do you guys that are reading this post, think???? Am I just an exception or do you also layer your moisturizers??????,


Let me know!!


Thanks for reading! xD

I am disappointed in Clinique…

I started out with Clinique last summer when I was looking for a LIGHT liquid-y moisturizer that was able to give me a good hydration without the stuffy feeling of a heavy cream…which I hate.

I tried at least 5 different moisturizers, of which ALL caused allergic reactions on my face, before turning to Clinique. I knew that Clinique was known for their laboratory tested products that reduced the chances of allergies, and so I went and was hoping to find something that would FINALLY work for my skin.

I got to the counter and picked up a random bottle of moisturizer that I saw sitting there…and it was the infamous DDSM…in the GEL formula.

I INSTANTLY fell in looooove with the texture of the moisturizer, and after the consultation with the counter’s makeup artist, I decided that this was going to work for me!

and it really DID!! All summer long, not only was my face hydrated by the moisturizer, it also improved the TEXTURE of my skin, and reduced the excess oil production on my face due to the lack of hydration. I swore by the DDSM gel, and brought it with me where ever I went.

However, the problem being, that whenever I do the 3-step quiz online on the Clinique website, it always told me that I was type 2 skin (dry combination skin) and that I should use the DDSM LOTION instead of the gel formula.

I’ve tried the lotion formula on the back of my hands before, and I didn’t really like it. It felt like any other heavy moisturizer that claimed to increase hydration, and I just hated the thick feeling.

When I decided to pick up a travel tube over the past winter, I went for the LOTION formula. I thought I’d give it a try, and since it was winter and I needed extra hydration, there was nothing for me to loose….BOY WAS I EVER WRONG…

The lotion formula was indeed thick and greasy for me. It made my face feel stuffy, and it basically did nothing more compared to the GEL formula for my skin, although it does always end up making my face a little bit more oilier than usual.

The lotion basically just settles on my skin, whereas the GEL formula actually gets SUCKED-UP by my skin the instant that I apply it.

There was the BIGGEST difference that I felt switching over to the lotion from the gel and I cannot wait to make the switch BACK!



Although the Clinique website may give you an overview of what your skin type may be, I would still recommend and encourage anyone that’s planning to try their products, to go to the counter and consult one of the skincare representatives!! Be sure to tell them what your preferences are when it comes to the texture and consistency of your skin care products! You’d be surprised how your AFFINITY towards the product and your mindset can change the result of your skin care routine! =)

Thanks for reading!

Monday, March 14, 2011

MAC Haul?? MAC HAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It’s been WAYYYYY too long since I wrote up a blog post…I’ve just been CRAZY busy lately with midterms and stuff…><

BUUUUUUT~~ I think I’ve got a good one today!!

The past weekend was the Estee Lauder and Companies’ Warehouse Sale!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOT!!!

In case you’re not aware of this:

MAC is a part of Estee Lauder and company, alongside Clinique, Bobbie Brown and a couple of other brands.

As far as I know, these warehouses only take place in Toronto (I could be COMPLETELY wrong about this, so correct me if I am =) ) This is ONE advantage of living in Toronto, since we get these sales every THREE months!

Items are usually LIMITED EDITION things that you cannot find on the market anymore, and they are about 40% off of the original price…(they used to be CHEAPER than that…but the sales have been so hyped up that they inflated the prices..T.T)

These warehouse sales are by invitation only…now, Estee Lauder company policy is that the tickets are not for sale…but there are TONES of people that sell them online, and you can usually find them for around 15 bucks.




I shall upload my picture:

DSC02887 (Click to Enlarge)

I know, It’s a bit crazy…but I’ve also gotten some things for my friends….So there’s a breakdown of what I got and prices:

*RED = sale price; BLACK = normal price

1) MAC Fix+ in LAVENDAR!!! ($12CAD/$22.50CAD)------I am SOOO glad that these were available because they are extremely difficult to find

2) Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil Regular Size ($25CAD/$39CAD)

3) Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil Mini Size ($4CAD/i don’t think they’re usually available)

4) Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Synchronized Complex ($40CAD/$49.50)

5) Mineralize SPF15 Foundation/Loose ($basically close to just $1CAD….O.O/$35.50CAD) ----I must explain, these came in like a set of items in a charity bag that was 5 bucks each…it included one of this, and BOY BAIT…and also a set of lashes and a BLUE lipmix…O.O

6) Hyper Real Pressed Powder ($15CAD/$25.50CAD) ---- i THINK these are now called super blendable~? O.O not sure…that was the name that was written at the warehouse although not on the box

7) Refillable Blush in Clove ($4CAD/$20CAD)

8) Lashes - ($4CAD/$17CAD)

9) Single Eyeshadows ($12CAD/$17.50CAD)

10) All lippies were ($10CAD/$17.50CAD) ------- BOY BAIT was in the charity bag…it costed close to basically NOTHING….O.O

11) All glosses were also ($10CAD/$17.50 for regular lipglasses, and $22 for creamsheen glasses which is what boy bait is…O.O)

12) Select Cover Up Concealer ($9CAD/$20CAD)


YEP…so that’s it! I’m too afraid to say how much I spent….I have nightmares of how broke I am…>.>

The prices are really going up…O.O it used to be a MUCH MUCH better deal than this….BUTTTT if you are in Toronto, I still think it’s worth it to go and check some things out..especially the discontinued and limited edition things!!!! This is probably like the ONLY place to find them other than OCCs in the states….but OCCs are still a bit more expensive than this I think….

Hope you all enjoyed this post!

Thanks for reading! ^^


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