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Saturday, February 19, 2011

The PERFECT Face Routine!


It took me SOOOOO long, but I think I finally figured out a perfect routine to get FLAWLESS base makeup EVERY TIME!!!



Sorry I’m freaking everyone with the gigantic picture of my ugly face, but I’m trying to prove my point here; that this routine really gives you a PERFECT complexion!!!


I have combination skin, with dry cheeks (at least in the winter,) and they get flaky and mixed with oil through the day…>.> which is really nasty…


I have an extreme bad case of blemish scarring (as a lot of Asian skin does,) and problems with redness in my cheeks from years of sun damage (as seen obviously from my massive army of freckles…which I hate…)



1) Balance out skin colour
2) Conceal Blemish Scarring
3) Improve look of skin texture
5) Sun protect
6) LONG LASTING-NESS through the oil and everything
7) Routine must be LOW maintenance!!!


Here’s what I used:

1) To balance skin colour out, I rely on colour from foundation mainly, and a light foundation would usually do the job for me – since I have oily skin I LOOOOOOOVE my MAC Studio Fix Powdered Foundation, it is SOOO SMOOTH and so fine….I’ve yet found anything that beats it!!!

2) To conceal blemish scarring, I will concentrate my foundation in the area by dabbing it on (I actually rely on BB cream to do this)

3) Improving skin texture is ALL ABOUT PRIMERS!!! Silicon based primers are IDEAL for this job!! I HATE the texture of silicon based primers however, but since they do the job the best, I still use them!! (looking forward to trying Laura Mercier out soon!!!)

4) Moisturizing is so important!!! I LOOOVE BB creams for this!!! Since they are designed to moisturize, sun protect and have other skin care benefits, it’s the PERFECT candidate for the job!

5) BB cream as mentioned – BB cream also contain PA++ properties, which for a lot of Asians, it’s a plus for whitening effects!

6) usual

7) Any FINE powder and OIL ABSORBANT SHEETS!!!!


Order of routine:

1) Primer (Bare Vitamins’ Prime Time ATM.)
2) thin layer of BB cream evenly spread out; concentrate only on scarring areas (Skin79 hot pink/Missha No.21 ATM.)
3) DUST layer of MAC’s Studio Fix Powdered Foundation – sets everything and evens out complexion even more!! (NC30 – which is too dark for me – ATM.)


It is SOOOOO simple and yet it will last ALL day and the results are SMOOTH and radiant skin!!! Because this routine barely contains anything, it also decreases the stress on the skin, which I’ve noticed improvement in my skin condition after I followed through with this for a week or two!!




6 hours after application:



I get a little shiny and powdery and dry, BUT!! nothing else has moved, and the makeup is still there, doing all of the things that I wanted it to be doing!!!


To touch up:

all you need are oil absorbing sheets and a fine blotting powder!!

MAKE SURE!!! the oil absorbing sheets don’t have a shiny waxy coat on them!! those are HORRIBLE at absorbing the oil and they can actually clog pores!!!!

hold the paper to your nose and T-zone area and let it rest to soak up the oil….DO NOT SWEEP ACROSS YOUR FACE WITH THE OIL ABSORBING SHEETS!!!

this will move your foundation and will also stir up the dried layer of cuticle that’s accumulated on your skin throughout the day!!!

Apply your powder in THIN LAYERS!! make sure to use a BLOTTING MOTION (NOT sweeping and NOT pressing!!)

and only go over the areas where you blotted!!!!

you can finish with a setting spray if you like!!





This is worked for me continuously for the past 2 weeks now, and for my situation, it is safe to say that this is going to be a ROUTINE that I can follow through without any problems!!


I hope some of you might find this helpful and hope you’ll enjoyed this post!!


Excuse the large full face pictures…>.<


Thanks for reading!! =)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

MAC Spring 2011 Collections!!! Sneak Peak~?!

My FAAAAAAVOURITE Youtube Guru just did a post on her blog on the collections that MAC is going to put out in the spring of 2011!!

Everyone should go and visit her blog for complete details”


Tao’s Makeup:


There are some products that I’m really looking forward to!!

1) from the Jeanius Collection (the patterning on the E/S are SOOOOO CUUUUTE!!!><): Powdered Blush in “Pink cult” [colour on left]



2) from the Cremeblend Blush collection: Blush in “Something Special” [colour on left]



3) from the Quite Cute collection: Lipglasses in “I <3 U” and “Fashion Fanatic” [2nd and 4th colour from left]

and last but not least the Lightfully Bright collection (which is already out online): lipglass in “Astro Cool” [colour on bottom]

I’ve already gotten a lipglass from the Wonder Woman collection in Emancipation, which I will be doing a full post on later, but I think I will be returning the lipglass because I found an almost perfect dupe that I never knew I had…xD

Anyway~ Go check out Tao’s blog – she is absolutely AMAZING!! =D

p.s. I just need to get this out there: I think the new Viva Glam Gaga 2 looks….well…really really bad!!! I TOTALLY THINK they should restore the old Viva Glam Gaga and not to mention CYNDI!!!!!! eeek!! O.O

There are many many products that are missing in her post, but you can go to for more info on the collections and releases…..All pictures in this post are taken from Tao’s Makeup

Thanks for reading!


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