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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Oh My Lady Gaga!!

Haha, has anyone heard of that expression before? I know it’s really popular in the Chinese online communities, but I’ve never really heard anyone outside of that say it.

Anyhow, I’ve just gone through a couple of Gaga’s music videos, and I just couldn’t get over the fact of how PRETTY exactly she can be……regardless of how she usually looks, some of her looks are absolutely breath taking!

I am speaking with reference her Bad Romance video here, does anyone remember that extremely CLEAN and SIMPLE look she had on??? The first time when I saw the video I honestly gasped out loud!

Untitled And THIS is what I’m talking about….isn’t this stunning~?!? It makes her face look so angelic and pure….O.O (somehow those words being connected to Lady Gaga just doesn’t sound right…)

There’s also her on the other end of the spectrum in her Poker Face video, where she looks completely innocent and so damn adorable!

Untitled3Untitled4She actually looks somewhat really sweet in these pictures! =D

This is all making me want to maybe do a FOTD and see if I can copy these looks…which will be kind of difficult considering I dislike my Asian eyes….=( 

Hopefully I’ll be able to upload something real soon. =)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Victoria’s Secrets’ Wish List

Ever since I got that AWESOME lip pencil from VS, I’ve been kind of interested in trying out more of their makeup products. I think VS products are reasonably priced, and from what I’ve experienced with the lip pencil I have high hopes for the quality of their items too~

For base makeup:

I’m really interested in the soft focus foundation with SPF 20. I mean the packaging looks great and the words “soft focus” kind of gets me interested because it sounds like it’s going to be a “light” foundation. By “light” I mean something that’s very smooth and light on your skin but also offers the coverage.

soft focus liquid foundation SPF20

The oil free concealer is also something that I would like to try, along with the camouflage palette which reminds me a LOT of the MUFE concealer palettes!

oil free concealerpro camouflage FX concealer palette

In terms of other products, I want to try the Perfect Lipstick series. There are 3 specific colours that I have my eyes on: Scrumptious, Cabana and Dusk, they are all very natural and soft colours, very typical of something that I would choose. But from the pictures of the swatches, it seems that they are pretty well pigmented, and not very dry in terms of the texture. perfect lipstickscrumptious  cabana dusk   

Anyway, that’s pretty much all that I’m looking into so far. These are all from their pro line, which I think is much more promising than the other line…

The packaging of these are really attractive too, and I think that’s a big reason why they’ve caught my attention and is making me want to buy them…EEEK!

Thanks for reading!

Teenage Dream Pictures

I did my nails again today with OPI Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream.

Here are some pictures:

DSC02384 DSC02378 DSC02380A very subtle dusty rosy pink with LOTS of sparkles in it!! It kind of reflects blue in light, so I think it matches the whole Theme of Katy Perry’s California Gurls really well~

HOWEVER!! When I tried to take off what was on my nails last time – which was a base coat, 2 coats of Teenage Dream, a coat of Black Shatter and 3 top coats, I had to SCRUB at each one of my nails for 20 min to get everything to come off, so the glitter does get annoying when you’re trying to remove them.

This time, I used: 2 base coats (nail strengthener, hopefully it will make the glitter stick less to the surface of the nail,) 2 coats of Teenage Dream, and 2 more top coats!

I know, so much nail polish is really bad for your nails, but I just can’t help it!! It’s so glittery and SPARKLY…it’s makes me happy!!!

Anyway…I kind of want to get Not Like the Movies which is an interesting purple-green mixed metallic colour… 

Here’s a photo:

(Image from Google, but I believe it comes from this blog:

Let me know what you think!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Winter Perfect Hands?

Are you tired of your winter withered hands?? =[

Well, have I got a little remedy for you! =]

This simple routine will guarantee you SOFT, SMOOTH, SILKY skin and beautiful YOUTH LOOKING HANDS, no matter what season it is!!

It’s very convenient:

Choose a hand cream (preferably something a little thicker,) that has therapeutic properties. Most people have the misconception that thicker hand creams mean greasy, oily hands, but as a matter of fact, there are many different options out there that provide intensive care without the discomfort! I’m recommending Crabtree & Evelyn’s Hand Therapy collection. This has just the right blend of creaminess, and offers beautiful results!! It’s very affordable ($18 for this gigantic tube of 100g, or $10 for 50g,) has an AMAZING collection of different scents, and is made from natural ingredients!! There’s also a selection of Hand Remedies that targets more matured skin, and has anti-aging affects. 

When applying hand cream, make sure that it is applied to the BACKS OF YOUR HANDS. This is very important as rarely does the palms of your hands lose moisture. Most of the moisture is lost on the back of your hands, where it is more exposed to the forces of nature. You also want to focus in the gaps between the fingers, this is where dryness occurs and becomes the most noticeable. Rub the backs of your hands together, and when it is mostly absorbed into your skin, you can rub the rest of it in the palms of your hands. This method will not only give you the best results, but it will also prevent your hands from getting greasy from hand cream!


Other than protecting the skin on the backs and palms of your hands, your cuticles are also very important. Often times you would be able to tell if a person’s done a lot of damage to the skin on their hands, if they have dry, cracked, split, and ripped cuticles!! A cuticle pen comes really handy for repairing these damages and protecting these small areas from negligence. I really like this cuticle oil from Sephora, because it contains healing properties. I have very damaged cuticles from vitamin deficiency, and whenever my cuticles are split to the point of bleeding, I would always trust this product to undo the damage in the least amount of time!

Next in line for discussion is the care of your nails! Nails to hands are like faces to people, they are probably the first things that people will notice if you let them see your hands; so be prepared!! The bitter cold weather can cause your nails to become brittle and fragile, this will increase the chances of peeling and make them more prone to breakage. I like to always use a nail strengthener whether I’m wearing nail polish or not. Just a thin layer of this will help your nails grow, and make them healthier and stronger!  Keep in mind, you should always clean your nails before you apply anything to them, and make sure you don’t apply too much since excessive coverage will prevent your nails from breathing, and may be toxic.

Last but not least, I like to keep my nails clear most of the time, and to make them more presentable I would finish with a clear top coat. This is Rimmel’s nail polish, and I really like this because it dries EXTREMELY fast, and lasts for DAYS! It is also not very expensive and you can get this at almost any drugstore near you.



These tips and tricks should help you keep your hands looking healthy and presentable all year round. They are all very affordable products and are all very travel-friendly!!

I hope you’ve found this to be a helpful post, and enjoyed reading this.

Thanks for stopping by~ =)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

KATY PERRY ROCKS!!! OPI Black Shatter & Teenage Dream – Also a tiny haul…

The hype of this…Week….I think was the OPI collaboration with Katy Perry, and especially the Black Shatter nail polish!

I wasn’t half as excited about the collection, but I was pulled by dear Sam to go HUNT it down.

BUT when I saw how they paired the Shatter nail polish with Teenage Dream, that was what broke down that wall I had around the idea of not getting it, and the shopaholic instinct sort of took over from there.

So here are some pictures:

So here’s the story:

Teenage dream is a rosy-burgundy pink with lots of glitter and shimmer in it! I usually really hate anything that’s not matted out, but somehow this colour, or it might just be because it was paired with Shatter, looked really nice!!!

Black Shatter is basically a thick matte black nail polish, but when it dries, the formula kind of “shrinks” and pulls apart, like how wine does when it sticks to the surface of a wine glass, and creates streaks like that.

I had, and I think still am having, a hard time working and getting the right control when I’m applying Shatter; if you apply too much, the effect doesn’t show up much but if you don’t have enough polish on the brush, it dries REALLY quickly and by the time you bring the brush to your nail, it’s already dried out too much to work with. It took me a COUPLE of tries beforehand to get, sort of, the right amount of polish on the brush and apply it properly.

This is what I did:


I just simply copied whatever they did with the demos in the store that we bought the polish from. A layer of Teenage Dream with a layer of Shatter on top…although mine is probably like 5 layers thick because I had a base coat of nail strengthener, then 2 layers of Teenage Dream, then a layer of Shatter and like 3 more layers of a clear top coat…>< lol!

The pros with these polishes are that they dry REALLY quickly (which could be a good thing or a bad thing like I mentioned,) and the colour payoff and everything is really good, likewise with all other OPI polishes. (I’m just really glade that they didn’t sacrifice their product quality for the special effect!) They are also very easy to remove, which I find with a lot of glitter polishes, that’s not the case; all other polishes seem like they used glue or something to literally glue glitter to your nails…><

The con is that I think Shatter’s formula is WAYYYY too thick for me, and I would’ve liked a little more explanation about how to apply the polish rather than just like a one sentence thing: “Apply one coat of Black Shatter over any completely dry Katy shade for an irresistible ‘shattered’ look.”

Other than that I’m VERY happy with the results, and I think the match between the two polishes are GORGEOUS!!




Also wanted to show you all 2 things that I bought:

1) Victoria’s Secrets’ lip liner in Ginger Spice – very pretty nude lip liner, it’s a good match for my Cherish lipstick if you want sort of an idea with the shade of the pencil. It’s EXTREMELY creamy but it ABSOLUTELY won’t budge from my lips…the quality is rather amazing for the price of $10


2) Philosophy’s micro-exfoliating  wash – I got a sample of this to try out before I bought it and I must say I really enjoy using this! The scrubbing beads are very tiny, and therefore the result is that you would get a very smooth scrub but it doesn’t hurt your skin or damage it like some of the bigger beads do…at least for me~



So that’s is all…will have more posts coming up!

Have a good weekend everyone!

Thanks for reading~

p.s…, again, failed attempts at trying to very Asian styled…><

DSC02322 DSC02317 DSC02319

Friday, January 21, 2011


I’ve been MIA for a while now…exams…then going to China for the winter break…then school started right after I came back…there was the jet lagging…and so on…

BUT I think I’m finally getting back to my balance and ready to start blogging regularly again…

Before I left Blog I was posting a lot of things on LUUUX and then posting it here as well, but I decided to ditch the LUUUX idea and just stick with blog….(LUUUX was such a time waster…)

Anyway, I have MASSIVE HAULS to post on the things that I got in China, which SURPRISE SURPRISE are make-up items mostly….=)

I also have a couple of reviews coming up, on things that I’ve recently tried and liked; updated skin care routine and products etc.

Actually, there are some things that I would like to say about LUUUX.

While it is a creative idea to get people to FEVERISHLY write about what they enjoy in life to earn different things that they might like…most of the site really is just ENDLESS lists of SPAM posts, and I felt like my blog was being spam by MYSELF when I was transferring my LUUUX things here.

It was really a waste of time, people don’t really read or care about what you wrote about at all, and they just commented to earn points. I thought I would be ok with it in the beginning, but I still had my blog habits, and I was writing about serious stuff that I wanted to talk about, and people just didn’t appreciate it on there at all and I sort of got offended by that….

I think even though blog is not built on a reward system, it has a lot more VALUABLE contents to offers and I can actually get something out of spending my time to read BLOG instead of spamming LUUUX…and this has made me appreciate Blog posts so much more, and which means I am going to take Blog much more seriously now. =)

I think that’s quite enough with the rambling.

Hope you all are having a very good 2011 so far!

Will update soon! =)


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