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Thursday, April 14, 2011



I know I should really be writing an entry for the Foundation Diary….BUT….biology exam tomorrow has gotten me so worn out…I don’t think I’ll have the energy to do it…O.O


I won’t get a chance to write on blog again until Friday afternoon, so it really wasn’t a smart idea to upload a video in the middle of exam week!! T.T


Anyway….good luck to anyone that’s writing exams this week and next week!!

I’ll make sure to post ASAP. =)

Have a good rest of the week! ^.^

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

FOTD and another HAUL!

Enjoy! =)


Estee Lauder Double Wear Review coming TONIGHT!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

MAC/Estee Lauder March 2011 Warehouse + HAUL!!!!!!!


Just recently uploaded a new video about the Estee Lauder/MAC warehouse sale that took place March 11-13th 2011.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dear Foundation Diary – Lancome Teint Miracle meets the Trash Can!!


Oh my gosh!! I can’t even BEGIN to describe HOW BAD this foundation is….on me that is…

I heard a lot of good reviews of the product saying that it gave a natural finish, but on me…it just looked….DISGUSTING!!! O.O (pardon the poor choice of words, but that was the only one that fitted to describe how I felt…)

DSC03076From a distance, everything seems nice, it’s smooth on the skin and it’s glowy. It provides a good coverage yaddy yaddy yadda…

But don’t be deceived!!!!

The foundation looked HORRIBLE when I applied it!! It refused to spread evenly, and it was runny and thin!!! It felt powdery to the touch and only had a low to medium coverage!!!

The shimmer in the foundation was SO NOTICEABLE it nearly drove me INSANE when I was doing my makeup this morning!! The worse part was that the shimmer made my whole face look MUDDY!!! It accentuated my pores, settled into my smile lines and just clumped together and made the whole look very “dirty”!!!!


this was 8 hours after application:


Again, if you don’t look closely it doesn’t look too bad…but take a look at this:




This foundation was beyond UNBEARABLE to me!!! It COMPLETELY dried my skin up!! (and I was looking for a hydrating foundation,) it broke me out, AND it caked and creased on me like there’s no tomorrow!!! (not to mention the extremely noticeable smile line under my eyes!!)

It felt powdery on my face and it was just GROSSSSSS!!!!



What Did I Use?

1) Skin79 Hot Pink BB Cream as base
2) Lancome Teint Miracle in Ivory
3) MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation
4) Blush and highlighter


AGAIN! I had to use MAC studio fix to correct everything before I was able to get out the door!! This time I had to cake on a full layer to get the same results that I got from my other foundations!!

This foundation also made me blot a LOT earlier in the day!! (right around 4 hours into wear I had to blot!! O.O)

*pictures taken 8 hours after application with 1 blot and no touch up*


The Ratings~!


Staying Power – ❤❤❤
Coverage –
Hydration –
Price Range –

Overall –


I DEFINITELY won't be purchasing this!! I am really disappointed because I had high hopes in Lancome. The reputation of the brand has always been great and it's just sad to see this fail on me this much…><


That's it for Teint Miracle and me…=(

Thanks for reading!

Pinkbox Makeup: New Sigma Products Coming!!

Very exciting news!!!!!

Pinkbox Makeup: New Sigma Products Coming!!: "Sigma's New Makeup Line!! I am SOO excited about this! I know I may be a bit late to blog about it, but I still think this is exciting news ..."

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dear Foundation Diary – MAC Pro Longwear Sucks…



It was a good coverage, but it was dry!! What I mean by that is that when you put it on, the instant you slide it onto your face, it feels really POWDERY and hard to blend…

This is what I wore today:

DSC03040 Ignore the ugly poster..I’ve had that since elementary school….>.>

From afar, the foundation gives a good balanced coverage everywhere. It’s not overly matifying which is always good, and it’s not very powdery or cakey.

DSC03048Going a bit closer, you can start noticing the broken capillaries seeping through the foundation on my cheeks. Notice that under the eye and around the nose where I tend to get oily, it seems like it’s cakey and powdery.


DSC03057   The cakey-ness is ESPECIALLY NOTICEABLE under the eyes in this one…makes it SOO apparent that I have wrinkles there…O.O However, it remains acceptably smooth everywhere else


What I used to complete the look:

1) Skin79 Hot Pink BB Cream as a base
2) MAC Pro Long wear in NC25
3) MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation
4) lots of blush and highlighter!!

The prolong wear didn’t give this coverage!! The Studio Fix powder did!! Studio Fix powder is an AMAZING powder foundation that has probably a medium to full coverage!! I had to go over the Pro Longwear with the powder because it wasn’t covering what I wanted for it to cover!

I also used a really bright highlight which is what gives that glow, the actual foundation itself is actually QUITE matte!!!

*** These pictures were taken after 7 hours of wear, 1 blot, and no touchups. ***


The Ratings~!

Staying power – ❤❤❤❤
hydration –
Coverage –
Price – ❤❤❤





I don't think I'll be buying this…I'm just not stunned upon my first try…and I'm one of those very OCDed people, that if I don't like in the beginning, no matter how hard I try to like it later on…there will always be like a shadow there…-.-

Anyway…that was for my first Foundation Diary… =)

Hope you enjoyed!


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Confessions of a true FOUNDATION freak!!



(Revlon Colourstay – crappy formula and texture, Clinique Superbalanced Makeup – crappy coverage and texture, L’oreal True Match – crappy texture and the WRONG shade for me right now)

I’ve gotten so PALE over the winter that most of my foundations don’t fit my skin properly anymore!! (eeeek!!) Right now I’m in the range of about NC/NW20. The reason why I say NC/NW is because my fairness is also washing out my yellowness….which makes it hard because for MAC colour coding because they don’t have neutral tones!!

Since all my foundations don’t really fit me anymore, I decided that it was time to CLEAN EVERYTHING OUT and bring some new things in!! As they say in Chinese…if the old doesn’t go, the new doesn’t come!


I’ve been foundation hunting for a while now, and let me tell you all…it is HARRRRRRRD!!!

I’m looking for a foundation that is FULL coverage (and I mean FULLLLLLLL coverage,) something that is creamy in texture, and HYDRATES my skin all day long!!! (since I’ve gone DRY combination instead of normal combination!! O.O)

I’m looking more towards the higher end of the makeup spectrum because I feel like my investment would pay off better. I figured if I get something a bit more expensive, I’d actually use it a lot as opposed to me getting something from the drugstore and letting it sit there after like 2 uses (if I know myself well enough, I’m for sure going to do that…>.>) and plus I think the department store ones are for sure better in quality!!


My picks so far:

1) Make Up For Ever [Mat Velvet +]


this is definitely a FULL coverage foundation; when I swatched it on my hand, it was somewhat dry, but it’s nothing that a little moisturizing can’t fix! It covered pretty much all of the colour of my veins that was peering out from underneath the skin, and it just gave a creamy finish that I couldn’t resist trying!!


2) Laura Mercier [Silk Creme Foundation]

The INSTANT that I spread this on the back of my hands that I knew I was in LOOOOVE!!! This foundation is UNBLIEVABLY smooth and silky on the skin and the BEST part is that it didn’t feel DRY or powdery after it settled into the skin!! I was astonished to feel my hand really SMOOTH even with the incredible coverage that pretty much diminished EVERYTHING that was on the back of my hands!!!


3) Channel [Pro Lumiere Foundation]

Another foundation that I went head over heels for!!! When this was applied to the back of my hand I actually did a chocking little cry and my voice cracked all over…this made Sam and the counter lady LOL…but it was astonishing!!! The formula felt SOOO hydrating on the back of my hand, and it was a very unusual texture for a foundation…usually for foundations when you spread it out, you can feel the powderiness of the foundation no matter how creamy the foundation really is; Pro Lumiere, when I was spreading it out on my hand, I did NOT feel that at ALL!! It worked basically like a moisturizer, BUT with a medium to full coverage!!! O.O It certain wasn’t as full as Laura Mercier or the MUFE…but defintiely buildable!!


4) Estee Lauder [Double Wear Foundation]

This one claims to be a full coverage foundation, but I think it’s probably a medium to full buildable coverage. I originally wanted to try the Double Wear Maximum Coverage BUT AS ALWAYS IT WASN’T AVAILABLE IN CANADA!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! The texture of this is REALLY light and smooth on the skin however, and I think it’s very hydrating as well…


5) MAC [Pro Long Wear Foundation]


The coverage is pretty full from swatching on the back of my hand, but as ALWAYS, this is the typical MAC formula and it’s just very DRY…I wanted something from MAC really, because I LOOOOVE their powder foundation…but it seems their liquid foundation just is never good for drier skins!!! I wanted to try the Face and Body foundation but that one is very sheer and definitely doesn’t have the coverage that I need.


6) Lancome [Teint Miracle Foundation]

While the texture feels very liquidy and light and smooth, I have a feeling that it’s not going to be able to provide me with the kind of coverage that I’m looking for! Plus, I’ve noticed that there was a little shimmer in the foundation and I absolutely HATE shimmer in foundations!! So I’m going to see how this one goes…O.O


I’ve gotten samples of ALL of these foundations that I want to try, and will be testing them out in the next little while to see which one I like the most!

I have a feeling though…that I will end up buying the Laura Mercier and the Channel one!! O.O and perhaps even the Estee Lauder Foundation…..(EEEEK I NEED A JOB ASAP!! T.T)


I’ll also bee keeping a “Foundation Diary” series, where I will upload what the foundation looks like on my skin, and the swatches etc. and compile a list of review and pros and cons…

Hopefully that will be helpful to everyone one day….>.>


Anyway, that’s all that I have to blab about..@.@

Thanks all for reading! =D

Could the Bloor MAC store sales attitude get any WORSE~?!?~?!? :@


Dear MAC Bloor store sales lady (short, chubby, b****y face,)


Yea ok, you work at the MAC store…so what~?! Just because my friend asked you to colour match her, did you NEED to give us the “get the f*** out the store you’re wasting my time” look???? We are CUSTOMERS and you, as a trained and professional retail personnel that you should be, should not have the attitude that you had towards us!! Even if we WERE planning on buying something, we certainly weren’t about to credit the commission to you!!! D:<

Ok, I get the fact that you’re working at MAC and at one of the busiest locations, but that doesn’t give you the right to act superior to anybody else!!! When I asked about applying to MAC, even if I have no certification in make-up doesn’t mean I won’t get into MAC, and CERTAINLY doesn’t give you the reason to look at me like I shouldn’t even be asking, and that you are superior to me in everyway, and put me down as if I had no chance and I was nothing!!!

I’ve never been a self boasting type of person, but for this I’d have to say: my makeup today looked a million times better than yours!!! While you were talking to me about creasing, about cakey-ness, about blending as if I knew absolutely NOTHING about makeup, did you actually have time to look at your OWN FACE?~?! (HELLO-FOUNDATION-THAT-ALMOST-BLINDED-ME-BECAUSE-IT-WAS-SO-OILY-AND-GREASY-AND-SHINY!!!!!!) Don’t act like if you were teaching me something -- half of the things that YOU pointed out to me that I supposedly needed to learn from makeup school was WRONG from the very root of physiology and biology!! You think only because you know how to draw and mix colours that you qualify for a makeup-artist position and I don’t?? I’ll have you know that us physiologist are the basis of how makeup was invented!! If it wasn’t for physiology and biology, where do you think you have the break through of all the skin care and makeup items??? WHY do you think Careblend Powder is supposedly more hydrating than Studio Fix Powder???

The next time that you try to tell one of your customers they don’t know how to do makeup, remember this: DON’T complement on how wonderful their makeup looks at the end!!!! It will only end up making you look more like an idiotic moron than making you look like you were trying to be nice to save your a** and your commissions!!

I can’t stand sales associates that treat their customers like poop!!! You’re getting paid for smiling and treating your customers well; it’s a part of your job description to make your customers HAPPY, that’s what the basic salary is for!! No matter how UNHAPPY your are or how BAD your customers treat you, it’s a part of your JOB to be kind and polite to them!! UGH!!!

Anyway, that’s my little rant..@.@
This is to all you ladies out there that shop at the Bloor MAC ------ be WARNED!!


=) Thanks for readin’!


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