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Friday, August 27, 2010

Belated Mascara Review~


This is one video that I’ve held off for a VERY long time! ><

I decided not to include a CG LashBlast review in this video because after using the mascara, I felt like there’s nothing special about the mascara that I want to review about…actually…I really don’t like it all that much anyway…So I’m not going to review that…

Here is the video:

Here are some detailed pictures:

Kiss Me Long and Curl Mascara



Maybelline Lash Stiletto



Diorshow Iconic



Lancome Cils Design Pro




Hope you guys enjoy the video…please leave me any comments or questions =)

THat’s it for now~ Thanks for reading!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Project 10…bottles??


I should’ve realized a very long time ago that I don’t have what it takes to really go through with project 10 pan…one of the reasons being that i don’t exactly use makeup consistently to be able to finish them in a short amount of time…

However, what I do use consistently are skincare products!! =)

I was just cleaning my room today, and to my surprise, i seemed to have finished quite a few products in the past…however long that i’ve had them for…so here they are:


!! =)

Watson’s facial spray in grapefruit, Watson’s facial spray in Rose (not shown), Clinique’s makeup remover, Lancome Bi-Facil travel size, Shiseido hydro-balancing softener, Lush’s Eau Roma Water etc etc…

but LOOK!! there are also 2 makeup products!!!

my Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in underground (which is one of the few things that i use every single day!) and also my Dior Show Iconic Mascara (which i will NEVER buy again, and was one of the worst purchases that i’ve ever made!!). The mascara…it just kinda got dried up…so i considered that to be done! =D


anyway~ that’s 8 products~

I’m gonna keep working my way through the box loads of stuff that i have stashed away…>< hopefully one day, i’ll be able to eat through everything and get rid of my impulsive habit (addiction sorta) of buying makeup…:(

anyway, that’s it for today! =)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Little Haulage…(lots of pics!!)


I went shopping a couple times this week and picked up a couple of items that I’ve been wanting for some time now~~

Since I JUST got my ears pierced, I finally got to buying some earrings!!! =D

I found some ADORABLE earrings from Forever21 for very affordable prices…








The floral ones were $4.80, and the bow ones were $5.80…I know it was STUPID of me to buy these before i head to the states…but i just COULDN’T help it!!!><

And then, I went to The Body Shop to get the Vitamin E eye cream that i’ve wanted for a while, and also the seaweed toner~



I’ve only used both of them for about 2 days, so nothing spectacularly different yet, but i LOVE the seaweed toner!! When you put it on, it’s a bit tingly on the skin and can sting a little, but it’s ok because it doesn’t hurt or anything, and that’s how you know that the toner is actually getting into your skin and working~ This doesn’t break me out at ALL which is GREAT and it’s not oily at all, and very refreshing!!

And then I went to Sephora and got the ever-so-expensive Evian Facial Spray…


This was really funny, because I went to the Fairview Sephora, and they didn’t even bring the product out to display yet…(I was at the Eaton’s Sephora before, but they were sold out…lawz…) and I asked the MA, and she was like: follow me to the back and I’ll bring it out…which I thought was very amusing…but of couse, by “back” she meant the checkout….>.>…anyhoo…these tiny little travel size bottles costed me $12.00!!!! and they smell like my fish water……seriously……-.-!!

I also went to Shoppers…(the 10 year anniversary sale is still on!!!) and got the Rimmel’s Fix and Perfect Foundation Primer (as raved by my favourite YT guru…=)


This was only $5.99, and so far, I don’t know what to say about this yet…xD so……still waiting to see the effects of using this…

I also picked up another one of the Maybelling Lash Stilletto Mascaras….this one i got in the Lengthening formula, and it is again waterproof…..I don’t like this as much as the original formula yet, but it’s still definitely my FAVOURITE mascara!!!

I also fell in love with the Lancome Royal Body …something something something…lotion…This was a REALLY BIG sample that my mom got when she went to buy her usual skin care stuff…and it was just sitting around the bathroom, and no one was using it…

I ran out of my Glysomed handcream and was looking for something to moisturize my hands, and I used this…

HOLY CRAP!! THIS STUFF SMELLS AND WORKS HEAVENLY!!! It’s not greasy at all, but moisturizes like CRAZY!! the scent is SOO addicting for me…I can’t stop sniffling at my hands…><


LOL…Just another picture of my pierced ear on the second day:


Looks pretty good! =) I don’t feel a thing now~~

I can’t WAIT to be able to take this off and put on something different!!!! xD

but…this is it for now…=)



LOL! FINALLY after ALL these years…><

It’s nothing special…just my lobes…which i never got done before…

i was really nervous…but then when they did it…it felt like i tugged on my ear too hard…>.>

kinda getting addicted to this now…lol! already thinking about getting seconds…


will upload some photos…



these were taken around 20 min after they’re done…a bit red…



these were taken about 2 hours after they were done…not red at all…

it’s now…7 hours after…and i feel nothing…=D yay~~


p.s. FOTD:


ok~ that’s it for now!! =)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Need to go on a diet...officially...

Every since that summer about 3 years ago when i lost 30lbs, losing weight was never a serious goal for me anymore...I started being able to maintain my weight better and was able to eat more freely than during the process of lossing the pounds.

Through these last 3 years, I've constantly been saying: "I need to go on a diet, I need to lose weight," but would start eating within an hour of saying it...-.-!!

Especially since my boyfriend and I got together about a year and a half ago...most of our times spent together were on hunts for better restaurants and tastier food...and since life has not put anymore pressure on me (read: pressure of looking better to gain more attention...) I never really took myself seriously and followed through with my plan.

Recently, one of my good friend just came back from a long vacation in China, and while we were out just hanging out and chatting, she slightly mentioned the fact that I lost a little bit of weight in the summer and I look better. Not only that...I've had a couple of people compliment me on my appearance after a summer away from each other, and some of them have even mentioned the fact that I seemed to have more confidence in myself.

I did not take these compliments lightly, and have seriously thought about this whole dieting issue.

I know losing the first 30lbs really changed me 3 years ago, I am definitely a COMPLETELY different person from who I was then.

Some of my friend have been desperately losing body fat in the past year or two, through various ways from not eating, to excercising, and even pills and things that are designed to help lose "weight"

I've seen how most of them look: grey, dead, and very unhealthy....and that's exactly part of the reason why I think I stopped dieting....because:
1) It takes a LOT of energy away from that you need to function well on a daily basis (like energy required for you to focus and study...which is def. one of my MAIN goals)
2) It takes a LOT of time away from your daily routine...because so much time is wasted trying to disciplin yourself not to eat...
3) A lot of the time, we don't know what is the proper way to lose weight..and neither do we know if the weight we're losing is a benefit to our health...

I know for a fact that after my first 30lbs, I was really unhealthy compared to what I was before, and my parents were very worried that I would be sick...

So this time around...I'm not going to do that to myself...

I will mainly focus on exercise and eating habits this time when i try to lose weight..and it will be as follows:

For the 1st month...
1) I will eat breakfast...and there will be no limitations to what I eat in the the food gets used up efficiently

2) I will be allowed to eat Carbs and meat at lunch, but will portion myself to how much I eat.

3) I will only be allowed to eat vegies and fish at dinner...and there will be no carbs involved..

4) I will keep low on SODIUM...(excess salt causes fluid accumulation and disturbs metabolism)

5) I will drink at least 8 cups of water everyday to help maintain good mtabolism in the body (I am a VERY dehydrated individual...-.-)

6) I will be consistant in excercising everyday..which includes: allocating 1.5 hrs each day for walking (very good way to burn calories,) and will do a set of 30 crunches everyday

7) There will be no sitting within 3o min after every meal to allow better digestion and to prevent the accumulation of fat...

8) I will eat lot of fruits and vegies to help with digestion (lot of fibers help you burn calories while digesting)

I will monitor myself daily, and will tabulate the results at the end of the month.

This plan will be effective as of August 18th, 2o1o and will end on September 19th, 2010...

Hope I will be able to see results =)

That's it for now.

Monday, August 16, 2010

FOTD…Happy QiXi Festival~

For those of you out there that celebrates 七夕, Happy 七夕 to all of you!

Quick background:

Qixi (七夕) is sort of like a luna Valentine's day~

It's sometimes also called the Chinese Valentine's day...

It occurs on the seveth day of the seventh month in the Lunar Calendar...and the story behind the festival is sometime among the lines of Romeo and Juliette...just an asian version

so anyway...I'm posting a quick look that I'm wearing for the occasion =)

(click on pictures to enlarge)




Very soft romantic look for the occasion~ ^^
Hope you all enjoy QiXi~ (just another reason to cuddle with your special someone~~)

That’s it for now~ =)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Summer Face Routine


Hi Everyone!

It’s been MONTHS since I recorded a video for Youtube, but I FINALLY found the time to do it yesterday!!

It’s my summer foundation/face routine video, and it’s just a little information on how I do my face makeup in the summer, and what products I use to get the best results.

I’ll provide a list of all the products used below so you can check it out if you’re interested in any of them.

Products used:
1) BareVitamins Foundation Primer
2) L’Oreal’s True Match Foundation (W4)
3) MAC Select Cover-up (NC30)
4) Make Up For Ever HD Powder
5) NYX Mosaic Powder (Cafe)
6) Benefit’s Coralista Blush
7) Coastal Scent’s Blush and Highlighting Palette (white and brown)

On my Eyes:
1) MAC’s “copperplate” eyeshadow for brows
2) Urban Decay’s 24/7 liner in “Underground” for tight lining
3) L’Oreal’s Lineur Intense in Carbon Black
4) Coastal Scent’s 99 Matte Palette for eyes
5) Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara

On my Lips (at the end):
1) MAC’s “Blow Dry” lipstick (lustre)

I am wearing GEO’s Honey Wing in this video.

Elva Hsiao – Chong Dong

Thank you guys for watching! Be sure to comment, and subscribe! =)

That’s it for now..^.^

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Current Drugstore Wish List


Hi everyone!

Sorry I’ve been MIA for a while for the stupid etymology assignment…but glad that’s over with!!><

I might still be absent for a little longer (about a week or so,) since my exam for the course is next Wednesday…but after that, I should be able to blog a lot more frequently…

I will be probably heading down to the States at the end of August (NYC and Washington…possibly Baltimore,) for a week…during which i will definitely be buying a LOT of things that are not carried in Canada, and I’ll be sure to update frequently!

On with the post now:

To make my come back on blog, I’ve decided to follow through with my scheduled posts and do my current drug store Wish List!

I’d also like to give everyone a heads up that:
SHOPPERS is currently having their 10 year anniversary sale!!
a LOT of their stuff right now is discounted and you also receive 10x optimum points for you purchases! GOOD DEAL huh~?!

anyway~ it seems to me that there’s an on-going trend of drugstore makeup going high end!

It used to be the fact that drugstore brands would make products that imitated higher end department store products for their packaging. I tried to stay positive about the imitations, but every so often when i fall in the trap of buying them, there was never good results. So I’ve learned to stay away from them. Occasionally that required going the extra distance of actually TELLING myself that they weren’t worth the money, but either way, the faith in the idea of getting good quality makeup for less the price, was lost.

However, in recent months….or maybe year or two, drugstores have been coming up with decent products that really impressed upon me and left me with a sort of addiction to drugstore products.

For example:
1) Revlon Colourstay – one of my absolute FAVOURITE foundations
2) Revlon Photoready – of which i ABOSLUTELY HATED! but have been compared to MUFE HD foundation
3) Gosh eyeliner pencils and brow pencils…etc etc

and the list just goes on…

So now that I’ve gotten a little more courage to try out drugstore brands, here’s a list of a couple of products that i would specifically like to purchase:

1) Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion – Apparently i didn’t really like lash blast length…because i thought it was a very dry formula that didn’t work for me. I like the original Lash Blast (like everyone else in the whole wide world does,) but i find that the formula is VERY wet and smudges easily when it’s not dried…It takes a lotta effort to take the original Lash Blast off, which sorta was a down side, but it really does make a HUGE difference to your lashes that I’ve never seen with any of my other mascaras. The Lash Blast Fusion supposedly has a drier formula, kind of in between the original and the Length…but also the big brush from the original that works wonders on your lashes. Fusion is now available at shoppers (or at least shoppers near me.) This week it’s on sale for $8.99 CAD


2) L’Oreal’s Magic Perfecting Base – I used to hate L’Oreal, and i think the reason is because i got my first mascara from them…and back then i really didn’t know a whole lot about choosing makeup…and it sort of left a bad impression with me…but ANYHOO…after the last purchase with them…I have become REALLY impressed with their newer line of products! (be expecting a review shortly) and I can’t wait to try them out! I was on the hunt for a good primer, because i think it’s REALLY important to have one for a smooth foundation application that will last you all day..and this one seems to be the popular one at the moment with a lot of makeup lovers around the world. I’ve tried this on the back of my hand once, and it seemed like it was very smooth and silky on the skin. Since I have sensitive skin, I really need to be careful of what i put on my skin. But since i can tolerate their foundation, I think this would also be very gentle and safe to use for me.

3) L’Oreal Infallible Collection for Lips – This is almost like a lip stain…and I’ve always wanted one…They are still a little pricy, but if I’m not mistaken, I heard they were really good in quality too…this is maybe where S’s employee discount might come in handy…xD hahaha!!

4) NYC Ultra Moist LipWear – after trying out the mosaic powders i fell in LOVE with this brand!! the quality of the product was great!! and the price was even greater!! I really wanna try this lip stick because there is not only a great range of colours, they are also at a very affordable price and seem to be very well made…=)

5) NYC Colour Wheel Mosaic Face Powder – If you’ve read my previous blog post, you know that i did purchase one of these to try out…but I loved these SO much that I am putting them on my wish list still because I’m DYING to try out a couple more different colours! A review will be coming up shortly, but if you are interested in buying these, I strongly suggest it, because i think for the price that it’s sold at, you will be getting a GREAT product!

6) Wet N Wild MegaEyes Creme Eyeliner – I’m really kind of new to this brand…so to start off…I’m going to look forward to buying some things that people have raved about over and over again on the internet to get a feel of the brand first…and this cream eyeliner is DEFINITELY the first thing that I would go to. It’s been compared to MAC’s BlackTrack Fuildline before, and I’m really curious as to it’s quality and performance. however, so far I’ve not been able to find one of these in a store in Toronto yet, so if anyone knows where you can get these, definitely leave a comment below~ =)

7) Wet N Wild ColourIcon Eyeshadow Palette – Ever since I’ve seen a tutorial by xteener using these…I fell head over heal for these!! To me, they seem to be VERY creamy and pigmented on the eyes and easily blendable. I’ve seen these in Mal-marts, and am definitely going to try these soon!

8) Last but not least…Wet N Wild Mega Last Lip Colour…I’ve seen many tutorials using these and got quite interested in them…since they’re not expensive at all…I thought I’d get them….but considering the fact that they only have 1 or 2 colours that I really liked…I’m not so sure if I want to spend the money to get it…since the colour they have are very similar to lip colours that i already own…so I am still debating about this one…


anyway~~ this was a very long post….If you have any comments or suggestions, definitely leave them in the comments below~ =)

That’s it for now! ^^

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Body Shop…


I have a question:

would you consider the Body Shop to be a DRUSTORE product...or....a HIGH-END product?~!?~? 0.o...

This just came to me like..BOOM!! what do i call it~?!? 0.o

Yes, very random indeed

Anyway...I was planning on doing my drugstore wish-list but then i had NO idea if it was appropriate to include them or not...0.o

Here are a couple of things that i want from them:

Tea Tree Blemish Gel:

tea tree…i never quite enjoyed it when i tried the tea tree stuff from Lush….but then again…it was Lush…>.> yes….i should do a review about lush later….

Seaweed Clarifying Toner:

Since is whole seaweed line is dedicated to oil control, i thought…why not~?! I get so disgustingly oily in the T-zone in the summer…so i hope this would help oil control

Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash:

I really liked my Lush Coal face…but yea…it didn’t work out for me for long…so I’m itching to try this, hoping that it would also give me a squeeky clean sensation without over drying my skin. yep….

Vitamin E Eye Cream:

SOMEHOW…I did not find out about this baby until NOW…>.> apparently there seems to be a LOT of rave about this product in the Asian community…so as always…i HAVE TO try it out…xD

Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream:

I’m still considering about this. I’m a little skeptical about this because…I’m not oily all over…just in the T-zone…so…i’m really afraid of this drying out my face too much and then making me break out…><...*sigh*

Anyway..that’s all for now~ =)

(all images come from


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