Thursday, December 29, 2011

Boxing Day Treats!

I was kind of glad that I had to work boxing day, that meant I didn't have to be crushed to death by the sea of people that I was drowning in even today... :S So this was my only day off in boxing week and my mom decided that we needed to head down to do some post X'mas shopping!

My first stop was of course at Aritzia. This item is something that I have wanted for a really long time:

This is the T. Babaton Pearce Coat and I got it in black. It was regularly $350CAD, but it was on sale for $325. It is Italian virgin wool and cashmere, and it’s lined with deer skin. It looks SUPER slimming and sophisticated. I love the fact that it does have a hood, which I think is VERY important if you walk in the winter like I do. =) Even though it is wool and cashmere, it’s not too too heavy on the body, and it is very soft to the touch! The only complaint that I have is that it is by dry clean only…so it’s a little bit more work in terms of the coat’s maintenance.

I also got the Talula Ryanne sweater:

This sweater is also made from cashmere, and it’s SUPER SOFT! It hugs the curves very well, and it is a long fit that covers my butt and thighs. :p I think it’s a great piece to have to create both a comfy yet sexy and flirty look with in the winter! I bought this in the Heather Cheval colour, it’s an off white colour that I think would go with many many different colours of accessories and leggings and jeans and etc.

I really wanted the Lambswool Cardigan, which is almost the classic logo of TNA, but unfortunately they only had this in the zipper version and I really wanted the button version so I decided to not settle for any less. xD

After Aritzia, I went to American Eagle for some jeans. I love jeans from AE. I think they are very fairly priced, the quality is great and they’re very durable and lasts for a long time. I wear nothing but jeans on a regular basis, because I think you can both dress up and down with them!

I love the skinnies from AE! I have wide thighs and hips and they are very stretchy and comfortable and flatter my shape very well:

This is the Worn Dark Skinny. I was first very skeptical about these because I hate it when jeans are washed out right in the centre of the thighs, I feel like they only accentuate the bulkiness of my legs and are very unflattering. However, the moment that I put these on, they not only look incredible, but they were the most comfortable pair of jeans that I had put on in a really long time!! They have a great fit too, even though they claim to be low rise, they actually covered the butt very well and just overall did a good job in shaping my legs!

I also got these, they are the Authentic Light Skinnies. I already owned a pair of these however I made a stupid mistake by buying a pair of jeans without having them fit a little snug at the time of purchase. The most important thing to remember when shopping for jeans (and especially AE jeans) is that they WILL STRETCH OUT when you wash them! Make sure that when you buy them, they are a little tight on you, so that they won’t become too saggy or too large after!! I really liked the colour and feel that these jeans gave, so I decided that I would grab another pair, and this time I made sure that they were a little bit on the tighter side. I have a thing for lighter coloured jeans. They remind me of the 70’s and that wasted artist style: which I think is very expressive and romantic! ^^ These would be GREAT for the summer with sandals or flip flops.

Both pairs of jeans were 40% off which brought them to about 30 bucks a pair. I had them both in size 6 shorts, which I think is the perfect fit for skinnies. (Really don’t like how you have the extra length around the ankles especially with skinnies that are suppose to hug tight around the foot)

That was pretty much everything that I purchased today, however there are still a couple more pieces that I’d like to maybe take a look at tomorrow:

This is the TNA Pomona Raglan T-shirt, it’s a soft cotton V-neck that’s honestly one of the easiest pieces to pull out of your closest if you’re in a rush. I already have this in the colour shown in the picture, but I discovered today that the navy version of this was on sale!! Being me, I can’t live without knowing that this came in a navy colour and not own it…haha…so I’ll be stopping by artzia again tomorrow to see if I can’t find any left!

This isn’t exactly what I want, but rather the tank top version! I love the floral patterning on the fabric, and the fact that it’s actually a very structured piece!! It’s not slouchy on the body so it would give a good shape to the body. I think it would be a perfect basic to have under a blazer or just on its own in the summer!

Other than that, I also bought some wonderful Godiva chocolate (mmmmmmm~they were DELICIOUS)! I got these for the boy I like for Christmas, but he doesn't know that I like him, and hopefully he never finds or reads this post...O.O HAHA! 

Happy Holidays Everyone!!



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