Thursday, October 20, 2011

The MAGIC of Floral Tea~!


I was amazed this morning to wake up to soft hydrated lips that neither stung nor peeled!

I had about 2-3 pots of tea yesterday (ok…2-3 coffee pots…>.>) but it REALLY helped improve my dehydrated body…FAST!

My mom also had some of my tea. She has very severe cases of dryness of her eyes from allergies and stuff…but she told me today, that her eyes didn’t itch and she for once didn’t need to use her medication to help sooth out the irritations!!

The tea also really helped with the quality of sleep I got last night! It’s midterm season, and I’m lucky if I can get more than 6 hours of sleep a day. Sleeping at 3, and missing the most important part of the night at midnight doesn’t help the situation either. However, I found out later, that rose is a very good plant to relax and calm your nerves if you’re very stressed and irritated! I had a very restful night of sleep, and when I woke up this morning, I didn’t feel any of the soreness that I usually felt if I was under a lot of pressure and have very bad sleeping or eating habits!


The tea really did spectacular things for me! I feel more energized, and just overall a lot more balanced today, not to mention my skin was GLOWING today from all the hydration of the water and the herbs!

This is even more reason for you to try this recipe out!! =))



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