Sunday, January 1, 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! (and new year's resolution)

First and foremost: 

Now, this is 2012 we're talking about here. This is suppose to be an EPIC year! If the world indeed does end (which I don't believe it will,) I hope that everyone will live it to the FULLEST!! Enjoy every single moment and I hope that all of your wishes will come true.

Personally, 2011 has been a very bad year for me in many aspects. I went through a lot with my friends, family, school, career and many other things. I hope that 2012 would be a new beginning for me, and that it would be 10000000000000000000000 times more smoother than 2011 ever was!! >.<

In this upcoming year, I have 3 major expectations for myself:

1) I want myself to take more care of this blog. I want to be more consistant in terms of updating and I want to be able to keep up with updating on a regular basis for the WHOLE ENTIRE year. It would be a good opportunity to practise writing, and it's also something to train myself with in maintaining some responsibility!

2) I want to make sure that I go through with at least 2 weeks of vegetarian diet. I wanted to do the vegetarian diet because it sort of helps with cleansing out the system from all the accumulation of proteins and acids and stuff like that. I was planning on doing this the past year with Sam, but because of a sudden change of events, we were unable to go through with it. So this is definitely something that I'm looking towards to doing. 

3) Last but not least, I want to become a more confident person this year! I want to love myself more, and treat myself better and hopefully by the end year, see myself in a new light. I want to find what I value the most in life, and make sure that I never settle for anything less than exactly what I want and need in life! =)

Other than these resolutions for myself, I also hope that my love life and relationship(s) in 2012 would be smooth sailing compared to 2011! ;D (fingers crossed on blond boy...haha!)



p.s. let me know what some of your new year's resolutions are!! ^^


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