Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wish List - Luxurious Edition.

I got myself the Marc Jacobs Holiday Pave Heart Studs in Light Peach (it's more of a rose gold colour...) and absolutely LOVED it! I wear them everyday now and I pretty much haven't taken it off since I got them a little over a month ago!

So I have now become absolutely obsessed with Marc Jacobs jewellery...again thanks to Sam. Haha!

Here are a couple things that I selected out:

Drapped Zip Bracelet $88.00

I'm usually not a rock chic styled person so this is not something that I would go for. But I think it's because the chains are really thin,and elegant instead of something that's really chunky, that adds to the refined simplicity and softness of the piece and caught my eye right off the bat.

Holiday Pave Turnlock Studs $48.00

These are almost the same idea as the Pave Hearts that I got. As you all can probably see that I'm really into the gold/peach/rose gold colour theme. I just really like how the warmth in the colour compliments my skin instead of plain silver jewellery. 

Katie Link Bracelet $98.00

I absolutely ADORE this bracelet, and felt that instant connection to it (I know, sounds very cheesy haha...) the moment I saw it! I felt like this was so ELEGANT and feminine and I can totally see myself wearing this with almost every outfit that I'd usually wear or can ever come up with! Plus it's the perfect colour for me!           

I also have some pieces that I saw many times at Coach before that I'd like to one day own =)

Sterling Rondell Pendant $148.00

I like this for the pure fact that it's simple. Plus I really like the chain. I prefer something that's very fine like the connected beads in this case, as opposed to regular chains made of interconnecting hoops. 

Classic Op Art Toggle Bracelet $128.00

I've been, for the longest time, a true fan of toggle styled bracelets! I really dislike the look of clasps on bracelets; this is about the only time that I like a bit of chunkiness in jewellery! xD I think this embraces the classic charm bracelets look but it doesn't overwhelm with multiple dangling charms and is relatively simple looking.
Holiday Pave Stud Earrings $78.00

I've surprisingly been picking out a lot of "pave" styled items, but in fact I'm not really a big pave person...I loove the colour combo of these. I'm a traditionalist, which means I adore my pearl earrings. I have fairly large ear lobes and I really like the way that larger beads sit on them! 

The only real complaint that I have for Coach pieces is that I think they're wayyyyyy overly priced! I really don't think they're worth what they're marked at, and plus I do think the quality of Coach is slowly going down too...Big disappointment. =(

I'm not a big fan of Michael Kors jewellery because I think they're too bold and chunky for me. But I am for sure a fan of their bags and wallets!

I love the quality of Michael Kors and I think the streamline design is perfect for my tastes! 

Michael Kors Jet Set Continental Wallet $118.00USD

I really like the shape of this wallet. I bought the black version for my mom and absolute was jealous that it looked so good with everything and anything! I really really wanted the red version, but it's on back order until February...I love the vibrant colour of the wallet plus the laid back casual design. The texture of the leather is also very soft and smooth. 

Gia E/W Tote, Ecru $795.00USD

Medium Hamilton Top-Handel Tote, Vanilla $278.00USD

Typical choices of mine LOL. Both are very simple and classic designs. The Gia tote would be a good carry-all bag and the hamilton would be a good everyday bag to carry around. I generally like lighter coloured bags, because I think it's just easier to match them with clothing. I know they get dirty easily too but with proper maintenance, they can go by without being noticed. =D HAHA! Also I didn't chose the regular hamilton because I don't like the open top design. I feel like it looks unflattering, whereas this ne with the folded top makes it look a little bit more structured and proper if you were pairing this for a semi formal or even formal attire. =)

That's generally all for now...boy this post took me a really long time...:S let me know if you have any feedbacks!!



bwahahahhaa. mj addict. LOLOLOLOLOL. has mj sales too fyi :)

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