Saturday, January 21, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year!! (Mini Haul?)

It's been over a week since I last updated. My apologies, as my life has been somewhat turned upside down in the past 2 weeks or so. =(

BUT! I AM back, hopefully resuming that good routine I had earlier in the month! =)

It's Lunar New Year tomorrow, so I'd like to take this opportunity to wish all of my readers that celebrate this special occasion a: Happy New Year! 

Now, the tradition for when I grew up has always been, during New Year, you can reward yourself by buying new things and hopefully that's the kind of prosperity that you'll have throughout the following year...this is called 年货 (pronounce: nee-an who-ao [mandarin]). This technically refers to food items such as sesame crunches, or penut brittles and things like that that signifies good luck, but for my purpose here as a beauty blogger I'm going to put a twist to that by showing some of the goodies I got recently from China.

My dad was in China for an extended business trip, so I asked him to bring back a couple things. I won't be showing you guys everything here, but just some of the more significant items. If anything, I will be doing detailed reviews on some of the things that I find are special. ^^

First off, iPhone cases! the top one is a knock off version of Vivienne Westwood and te second one is just a simple bow. Both claim to have been made from Swarovski crystals, although I highly doubt the authenticity of that claim. Regardless, they look petty decent; quality isn't the GREATEST that you can get with crystal cases, but they only costed about, equivalent to, $20CAD, so I wasn't expecting much more in the first place...=)

False lashes are of course another must get item from Asia. These are hand crafted lashes made from synthetic fiber. They go on really natural, and they don't look too heavy for everyday use. I've gotten the same ones before and REALLY liked them for just adding a lot of emphasis to the eyes. I use these for when I do prom/formal makeup for my clients as well, and they are perfect for that! I bought 6 boxes this time, and they were either equal or less than $10 a box of 10 pairs...SWEEEET!

Got the SKIN79 Intense Classic Balm which I tried once at Pacific Mall and absolutely loved, but at the time they didn't have any in stock so I ended up not getting it. I picked up 2 this time. It's a very simple BB Cream, VERY creamy and very high in terms coverage. I feel like it's actually really similar to the consistency of maybe the Laura Mercier Liquid Foundation which is a very similar texture to this in my opinion. I also grabbed a couple more of The Face Shop's Pure Berry Moisturizer and the Calendula Moisturizer. The Pure Berry is a very thick gel that's very soothing on the skin. I have yet to try the calendula one which is suppose to be more hydrating. I will definitely report back with a review for both the BB Cream and the cream!

Last but not least, NAIL STICKERS!! These have rhine stones on them and are just super adorable! I feel like this would be the easiest way to make any plain colour nail polish look a little bit more fun without having to do pretty much any work at all.

That's about it for all the interesting things that I got. If I get a chance, I will do some swatches and detailed reviews on the products along with maybe some FOTDs. =)

I also got Sam the same VW case in the black version, if you're looking for a version of that, she might do an upload of how that looks soon! So be sure to check out her blog as well! =D

Hope you all have a wonderful New Year or just a normal awesome weekend!



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