Saturday, February 4, 2012

Aritzia's Spring 2012 Preview

Hey every, hectic schedule for me once again, and thus explains my absence from blog for more than a week now. However, I am DETERMINED to keep that New Year's Resolution of mine, and therefore I made sure that I had time to make this blog post! =D

So the preview for Aritzia's 2012 collection came out, and I briefly took a look and found some pieces that I really liked:

Wilfred Tal I Blazer in Linen
Wilfred Tigris Sleveless Blouse
Wilfred Nava Shorts

What I like the most about this set is definitely the blouse and the blazer. I'm really getting into the more flowy pieces especially for the summer, because I think they're casual but yet also really classy which falls EXACTLY in my comfort zone! I also like the shorts very much, however because I personally have a very curvy figure, I know the shorts wouldn't work quite as well on my body. These kind of shorts need to fall straight below the waist to look really flattering, but with my wider hips, they would look more stretched and lose the effects seen here. But nevertheless it's a gorgeous look that they've put together here! (PLUS, the model's hair and makeup style is almost exactly similar to my daily looks!! ^^)

T. Babaton Frazer Blazer
T. Babaton Silk Tank
T. Babaton Elliot Pants

It's quite obvious now that I really really adore my silke/chiffon pieces?? (:p) So, in this outfit, I'm no doubt going to say that I really really really like the silk tank! I'm always looking for more simple yet classic pieces of tanks to go under either cardigans, blazers or just to layer other other tanks! This looks like one of those items that would go with just about anything. I'm not really a big fan of round/scoop necks, but recently, I've discovered that if round/scoop necks are low enough, they're actually quite feminine, and provide a really sophisticated and soft touch to the whole look, so I'm really looking foward to maybe giving this a try! The other item that I really like is the Elliot Pants! I have been, for the past while, looking for a pair of nice skinny black pants for business casual wear. Since this is more like a capris than full length black pants, I think it can really nicely balance out the heavier top portions of my hips and thighs and look relatively relaxing on me!

Talula Debutante Dress

I love the lace patterning of the dress. But. I hate the shape of the dress. I, personally, because of my figure would never choose a cut like this, since it would emphasize all the heavier portions of the my body instead of trying to balance them. BUT I couldn't resist putting this dress on here because IT'S SO PRETTY!!! URGH! and I hate the fact that I can't really "wear" the dress (it's more like the dress is wearing me, which is NEVER something that you want with clothing.) But I also decided to put this on here, because I know that Sam would LOVE this dress! =) 

TNA Shuswap Dress in Sunfaded Tribal

Compared to the last dress' structured cut, this is MUCH more me! It's a more relaxing flowy dress similar to an empire waistline. To girls that are pear shaped out there, if you'd like to create a more slimming look to your body this would definitely be something that you'd want to try out! Put this under something like a thin light cardigan in the summer and top it off with something like a straw hat and a really big tote and you're ready to go! 

I don't know if anyone else has noticed this before, but there are certain brands under Aritzia that I always go back to. Brands like: Talula, T. Babaton, Wilfred...are all stables in my favourites list!

Anyway, check out the Spring Preview on the Aritzia site, and let me know what you think!!

Hope you all have a good weekend!


p.s. All pictures are taken from the Aritzia website.


ohhh love the cobalt jacket and all the pastel items!! :)

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