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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Just a Quickie~


Just thought I’d share this…

My mom’s organized all the free samples and stuff that we got in the past couple months..and mostly they’re samples and stuff from Lancome (as my mom is a big fan of the brand…)

So basically, she told me that she’s organized all the Lancome BI-Facil makeup remover in the bathroom cupboard for me (since I only use the makeup remover from the samples mainly,) and I go to open the cupboard door and this is what I see…


photo 1


I was honestly QUITE shocked and froze for a couple seconds! HAHA

I’d have to say that i wouldn’t be needing to buy makeup remover for a REALLY REALLY long time!!! xD

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fun little photoshoot + Formal Dinner…


Being a student in sciences, it's REALLY difficult to dress up. People go to class in their PJs and messed up bed head. So after exams, Sam and I had this crazy idea that we should just make up a formal dinner event and DRESS UP, and just take lots of pictures!!

Yesterday was the day that we did that, everyone got dressed up and went to the Keg to eat. I know a lot of people are telling me that it's weird to go dress up and eat at The Keg because a steakhouse isn't that formal. But I think, doesn't matter where you go, as long as it's an excuse to dress up it's fine! Plus, I think there are all kinds of reasons to go to restaurants all dressed up, and it's perfectly normal for restaurant waiters to see people like us! xD

Anyway, so after dinner, we had a little mini photoshoot in our dresses and everything here are some samples:





Day light…




LMAO at my community center parking lot…







very symmetrical pose…xD








Haha! Just a little fooling around with the camera and getting dressed up! XD


Dress – H&M
Blazer – Aritzia
Heels – Steve Madden
Bracelet – Aldo
Earrings – Aldo


(Blazer appears in my OOTD very often, because it's very versatile!!)

I’m also including a picture of the makeup that I did on myself~~ ^^:

(In daylight…)

(With flash…)

Belated OOTD from last week…

photo 3









Just an ordinary day to CHILL with my buddies! It's both relaxed but structured. =) Can be dressed up or down with different accessories!

Blazer – Aritzia
Top – Forever 21
Shorts – Aritzia
Flats – Costa Blanca X
Bag – H&M

Let’s talk….healthy comfort food?!


Are we deviating from beauty today?? NO! I promise not! Comfort food can have its benefits for the way we look as well~!

Today, we’re going to take a look at a classic:








Chicken noodle soup is very balanced in terms of the nutrients that you get: you’ll have your carbs, your veggies and of course your fluids! You may include proteins depending on your likings!


1) 1 zucchini
2) 1 carrot
3) 3-4 celery stocks
4) pasta (as much as you like)
5) 1 box of chicken stock


Most of the ingredients are plant based. Celery is an excellent source of fibre! It’s essential in helping to promote digestion, and very important in CLEANING out your stomach and intestines and will result in the clearing of toxins in your body!! This is the reason why fibres will help CLEAR YOUR SKIN and refine your pores!!

Carrots are extremely rich in Vitamin A, and everyone knows that Vitamin A is crucial for clear vision! However, what most people don’t know is that the sub form of Vitamin A – retinoic acid – is EXTREMELY beneficial in terms of skin conditioning! Retinoic acid will prevent inflammation and swellings that occur around the body but it will ultimately control and reduce the production of sebum; which is basically what will produce the excess oil that causes the inflammation of the skin due to accumulation of bacteria. In other words, it will reduce oiliness of the skin and decrease the chances of breakouts and benefit acne prone skin!

I included zucchinis for the sake of the high content of Vitamin A, potassium and folate! Potassium is very important for those that tend to have redness in the skin, individuals with potential rosacea, and skin hyper-pigmentation and discolouration.

I made sure that I bought chicken stock that was cut in sodium content. Excess sodium in the body will cause swellings and make you look bloated! It is also bad for your health…=(


Chicken noodle soup is therefore not only a very TASTY comfort food, but also a VERY effective BEAUTY TREATMENT!




1) Diced and cut up all the veggies into small cubes and pieces.

2) Boiled celery and carrots first in water, then put in zucchinis a little later because they’re easier to boil and the previous two items. Drained the water when they became soft.

3) Boiled pasta in salted water until they’re about 80% cooked. Drained water.

4) Heated and boiled chicken stock, added veggies and pasta. Simmer until pasta is fully cooked! =)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

OOTD – Exam Edition.


It’s interesting how I would do an outfit of the day post on a day that most would be the least concerned with how they look. But I for one, am actually very picky about what I wear especially on exam days. Mainly, I need to be in something comfy and relaxed so that I’m not constrained, and have to worry about being uncomfortable when I need all of my attention focused on the paper in front of me.


Top: V-neck sweater from Aritzia
Super super SUPER soft, and very flowy and very breezy

Shorts: Aritzia
Button on the sides, soft cotton and very flexible

Bag: H&M
light weight, versatile and LOVE the colour

Hair: pined up
I always need my hair out of my face! I’m sure all of you know exactly how annoying it is to have ahri falling all over your face when you’re writing an exam~?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Joe Fresh…Fresh and Simple.


I just happened to come across a new brand called Joe Fresh and decided to check it out. Upon Googling and finding their website, I was pleasantly surprised with the appearance of the brand and wanted to do some further investigation. Being the university student that I am, I Wiki-ed (as always, the ultimate bible to anything you’ll ever want to know,) the band.

Turns out, Joe Fresh not only offers simple apparel for women and kids, they have a whole complete cosmetics line as well!! The company, I believe, is actually a Canadian company, and it is launched as a sub-brand of Loblaws and the Real Canadian Superstore! I took a look at some of their products, and let’s just say that the brand has left me with a VERY good first impression!

To start off with, I took a peek at their apparel line. The feel that it left me with is probably along the lines of it being equal to something from Target in the States? They’re simple basic pieces that look very well made for the prices that they were marked at.




Here are a few examples of what you can find on their website: Summer Dress - $39
Good for day at work or perhaps a relaxing evening with girlfriends perhaps?










One Shoulder Dress - $49
Excellent for date night, or just a night out in town look. Best part – It’s silk!






But the thing that excited me the MOST has to be their extensive cosmetics line! Let’s just take a quick look:






From cream shadows, to pressed shadows, to brow powders and cream shadow sticks…everything is marked in the rand of $4-$6 a piece! They also have a very wide range of colour selections! Pressed powder shadows alone offers 26 different shades!!!











and then, there are the face products! They look just absolutely AMAZING! the colour selection and the simplicity of the packaging all make the products look very promising!!











I must admit that I’m deeply in love with how simple and CLEAN the packaging looks and I’m really looking forward to getting me hands on some of these products!











They also offer: nail polishes,




individual brushes or brush sets,  




and of course cosmetic accessories! All of which are priced in similar ranges!





I’m just really really excited to see some of these products and maybe try them out!!! I believe the brand has just opened 3 new store in Ontario, and they’re available at most Loblaws, No Frills, or the Real Canadian Superstore locations!


For more information, you can visit the website: or you can keep updated with their blog too:

I’m super excited, and I should definitely keep the blog updated about any near future purchases that I can sense coming!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wish List 2011 – The Ultimate Gift Guide…;) [on going]

I think this dress is by a brand called Fluo. I first saw this dress at Style Exchange for 80 bucks, except it was in a nude pink colour instead of this lovely royal blue. It was love at first sight with this dress! It hugged my curves really well, and made my legs look extremely long. It was sexy, but still retains the feminine and sophisticated touch that I’m always obsessed with. I was sold, almost instantly, on the idea that I MUST own this dress, but the price point made it difficult for me to decide whether I should get it.
Sam introduced me to this dress again on Ruche. This time, it’s marked at HALF the original price and in this STUNNING royal blue shade!
I am in LOVE! =)
$38.99USFound at:

It’s interesting to see 2 blue pieces appear at the top of my wish-list (considering the fact that I’m probably not the biggest fan of the colour in the world,) but I was captured the second I saw this dress. I’m not the slimmest girl in the world (heck! I’m not even close,) but I’ve always loved the feel of maxi dresses! I searched high and low this summer for the perfect maxi dress, but was no where near finding something that even raised my interest in the slightest way…Until this of course!
I loved the fact that this dress is more of an empire waist (sort of,) and it drapes STRAIGHT down without any cinches or gatherings, that would possibly emphasize the curviness of mine in a dress that shoots to avoid any kind of roundness on the body. It’s really flowy, and kind of reminds me of an ancient Greek Goddess robe maybe???
Very impressed!
$42.99USFound at:
p.s. check out the details of the shoulder straps gathering at the back! =D

This would be the result of my lately developed strange obsession with Aritzia. Not that I didn’t like the brand before, but it hard to like it very much when it honestly is quite expensive! However, I’ve just not been able to stay away. I have, lately, been very found of the quality, and style of their clothing and what it does to my body!
This particular shirt is a very good example of the struggle that I have between loving the stuff, and not wanting to buy. This is a piece that could make anybody look soft and sophisticated. It will pretty much match and go with anything you throw together with it. It is 100% silk, and hence the incredible price of almost $100!!
$98.00CADFound at: any Aritzia store or (

Yet another simple, plain piece of art! I know, I know, I’ve been stuck in the realm of pinks and nudes and everything neutral, but lets face it: neutrals are the way to go in this busy hectic time of ours. Just because they’re so easy to pair and so easy to throw together, you can never go wrong with them! With people these days being so demanding and judgemental about how their peers or even strangers on the street dresses, neutrals definitely provide the easy way out!
I really like how lose this shirt is. It’s very structured and versatile. I can just picture wearing this in the summer as a plain tank, or in the winter matching it with a cardigan or a blazer!
Killing 2 birds with the same stone!
$35.99USFound at:

I used to not believe in this blasted culture of NARS products and their provocative names, that seem suggest anything BUT makeup…well I used to anyway…until the day I got my hands on my first NARS blush. It was all downhill from there.
I wanted, for the longest time, to find a substitute that would void me from the need to admit defeat to this cult product. After discovering the wonderfulness of the brand though, I’ve just realized and accepted the fact that it’s probably just going to be MUCH easier to close my eyes and hand over the money.  This way, I’ll get EXACTLY what I want, and at the same time, in return I’ll get a product that’s worth my money!

$38.00CADFound at: any Sephora store or (

This. This right here, is suppose to be my bible. This is suppose to be my life saver, and this is suppose to be THE product that would solve ALL of my skin concerns ever! This is the new Estee Lauder Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator.
Despite the fact that the Advanced Night Repair that the whole world was crazy over didn’t really do much of what I wanted it to do for my skin, I still would like to try this supposed “miracle” product. I was told that it should visibly reduce sun damage, unevenness, blotchiness, redness and everything uneven with the skin in just a matter of TWO weeks! (EVERYTHING that’s wrong with my skin!!) It’s at a reasonable price of $100 for about 1.7oz. (trust me, this is reasonable compared to some of the other things out there *ahem Lancome and Guerlain!*)
Hard to believe…I know. But worth a try!
Found at: The Bay, Sears or(

For the longest time, I thought this baby here was a waste of money. Until that one night, at Sam's apartment, when I'd actually dipped a finger into it and used it on myself, had I realized how WRONG I was...

The shadows were CREAMY and SMOOTH and so easily blendable! Not to mention my undying love for the 24/7 pencils!! Even though the Canadian pricing of these are completely RIDICULOUS I'd still like to think that it's all worth it =)

Found at: Sephora or

to be continued…


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