Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fun little photoshoot + Formal Dinner…


Being a student in sciences, it's REALLY difficult to dress up. People go to class in their PJs and messed up bed head. So after exams, Sam and I had this crazy idea that we should just make up a formal dinner event and DRESS UP, and just take lots of pictures!!

Yesterday was the day that we did that, everyone got dressed up and went to the Keg to eat. I know a lot of people are telling me that it's weird to go dress up and eat at The Keg because a steakhouse isn't that formal. But I think, doesn't matter where you go, as long as it's an excuse to dress up it's fine! Plus, I think there are all kinds of reasons to go to restaurants all dressed up, and it's perfectly normal for restaurant waiters to see people like us! xD

Anyway, so after dinner, we had a little mini photoshoot in our dresses and everything here are some samples:





Day light…




LMAO at my community center parking lot…







very symmetrical pose…xD








Haha! Just a little fooling around with the camera and getting dressed up! XD


Dress – H&M
Blazer – Aritzia
Heels – Steve Madden
Bracelet – Aldo
Earrings – Aldo


(Blazer appears in my OOTD very often, because it's very versatile!!)

I’m also including a picture of the makeup that I did on myself~~ ^^:

(In daylight…)

(With flash…)


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