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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I never thought this day would come??? (LOTS of pics)

I never thought this day would come…the day where I would actually start FINISHING makeup instead of just buying them. Honestly, there was a period (couple months ago) that I literally wanted to CRY when I saw the box that I had with all my makeup in it, and the size of it just kept growing LARGER!!!!!

I’m DEFINITELY not a person to be doing Project 10-Pan (obviously as seen from my failures…>.>) Using the same 10 items over and over is just WAY too boring for me. So i decided to ban myself on makeup until I actually started finishing things one day, and that day HAS ARRIVED!!

Shouldn’t be surprising that most of things that you finish quickly are skin care items, I mean after all, they are things that you use DAILY that you don’t have to change right~?!

So here are some pictures:

DSC01276 MAC Brush Cleanser – I DRINK this stuff…

DSC01278 Watson’s Rose Facial Spray – second bottle almost gone, and I still have backups…xD

DSC01279 POND’S White Beauty Facial Wash – you can only get this stuff in Asia!!>< EEEEK I’m almost out! hope that my dad comes back from China soon so I can stock up!!

DSC01280DSC01281My Beauty Diaries Sheet Masks (White Pearl) – can’t believe I actually finished a whole box of these…(and this wasn’t my first box too!!) can’t say that i really saw the difference with this one though…but it makes my skin feel super soft and nice…Trying the green apple one next!! =D

DSC01283Garnier’s Anti-Puff eyeroller thingy – ALMOST GONE ALMOST GONE ALMOST GONE!!! >< god…never buying this again…-.-

DSC01285    Clinique DDSM - HOLY~~~ this thing…really the rate at which i use this thing up is CREEPY!!! I’ve had this for maybe…..TWO months~?!?~ O.O…I EAT this!! O.O (p.s. it look like it’s half gone, but it’s more like there’s only 1/5 left, I accidentally shock the bottle before taking the picture…)

DSC01286 The Body Shop Seaweed Toner – yea…I put this in a little pump bottle, and let me tell you, this is like 1/4 of the actually original amount that comes in the bottle and I’ve had it for maybe a month…O.O…This really is addictive!!! I have 3 backups of it though..xD

DSC01287 Cotton Pads…- HAHA…these are the ones that i got for $1/package at DOLLARAMA!!! O.O they’re REALLY great though!! i take my makeup off with these and they’re totally worth the price!! This is like my 3rd pack in like 3 months…need to stock up again…

DSC01288 DSC01289 Shiseido Facial Cotton – I’ve been on the hunt for replacements of these for AGES…they’re pretty expensive…>< but…They’re the softest cottons that I can find stocked around…O.O I have some stocked up from discounts and warehouse sales…but they’re going FAST too…><

DSC01290 Avene Thermal Water Eulsion SPF20 – I LOOOOOVE this stuff!! it FREAKING MOISTURIZES MY FACE LIKE CRAZY!! and the BEST thing is that it’s the ONLY sunscreen that doesn’t break me out!! HALLELUJA!!! (pretty sure I spelled that wrong~?! o.0)

DSC01291Shiseido Hydro-Balancing Softener – I SWAER I WILL NEVER BUY THIS SH*T EVER AGAIN!! it’s expensive as HELLLLLL ($44 +tax for 50ml…my Body shop one which is $12 +tax for 150 ml and works SOOOOOOO much better!!!) tank god i found the seaweed toner!! T.T

yep…so that’s it!! I’m really really proud of myself now!! :D

NOW that I'm looking at the pictures…they all seem to be skincare things don’t they~?! O.O maybe I’ll de a skincare video soon…IF I have time before midterms start…haha~

anyway…I think that is ALL that i will ramble about today! =)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Sometimes…I think I’m just a little wacko in the head…

In my latest attempt of trying to stay normal…this is definitely not a good start – although I TOTALLY had fun with this!!

Anyway, so we were on the train back home after a LONG day at school, and somehow the sentence “Luna we should dress up in the same things tomorrow!!!" just came blurting out!!! and not surprisingly at all (with the type of crazy personality that Luna – one of my best friends – has) she agreed.

Thus the shopping trips we had afterwards to dear old Forever 21, where we DID actually manage to pick out some incredibly CUTE things to put together an outfit, which we wore and amused some people TODAY.


This was very FUNNY because, I’m usually of a very conservative type of personality, and for me to have the courage to do this was very much INSANE now that I think of it.

The things that we picked out looked like school uniforms non the less, and that actually got us some funny comments from strangers which I shall write about later on~

Here’s a closer look to what we got:

This was the skirt that we got – Flirty Sailor Skirt ($21.80)

Couldn’t find a picture of the SUPER ADORABLE TEE so here’s a close up of it:

DSC01338We fell in LOVE with this at the EXACT moment when we saw this tee!! It’s a cartoony French toast and it says “bonjour” on the bottom. I love the simplicity and colour of this T-shirt! and this was around $10.00

The skirt was a high waist skirt, so we tucked the T-shirt in and just made it relax a littler. I wore white flats that I got from Aldo a couple months ago, or you can also pair with cute ankle boots or little heels~

DSC01331 DSC01336

DSC01334   DSC01335

BEST comment of the day:

Stranger: *stares at us for a while and finally asks* “which school are you from??”

Me: “uh…U of T"???”

Stranger: “oh…uh…cuz you’re wearing the exact same things”

Luna: “yea…It’s NOT a uniform…we’re just…doing it….for….fun…-.-"

Me: “Oh look! The bus is here!”

*walks away and laughs hysterically*

Luna: “I bet he was thinking ‘whichever school they’re from, I’m definitely not sending my kids there to look ridiculous in these uniforms’!!!"


I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post…and hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

That’s it for now!!!!!!! xD

Monday, September 20, 2010

I’m Proud of Myself…=)

Yep!! VERY VERY PROUD of myself!


Because it’s been officially past a months since I’ve bought ANY make-up related products that I can recall…

I’m also proud of myself because I’m on the edge of FINISHING a couple of my products!! This is when I get excited and tell myself that I can FINALLY make a new shopping list!! =D

LOL…I think I deserve a pat on the back~~ don’t you?

I’m DEFINITELY looking forward to hitting the stores again and grabbing a couple more things that I’m actually in need of because I’ve finished off what I have on hand.

Speaking of being absent (from shopping or blogging…) I’ve really been MIA for quite a while…School has just been so chaotic…however i really do like second year better, because all the courses starts to fit together and they compliment each other so you’re really learning, and repeating a lot of the same material in different classes, and it’s a great way to get a better grasp of the concept and remember it well!!

I’m also proud of myself because I got into UHN AND~~ a CSB lab to do work!! Haha!! which means I’ll be starting to volunteer at both The Princess Margaret Hospital, and also CSB labs!!!! I’ll be super busy~ and that means no time for makeup O.O…maybe I’ll do a post on some of the products that I use to create a perfect complexion on the go!! O.O (which is pretty much everyday for me…-.-)

ANYWAY~~ I’m totally rambling now about things that are unrelated to beauty…>.>

I’ll soon do some posts on my favourite products at the moment, skin care update, and some hair products that I’ve using…=)

Hope you guys are having a great week!!

That’s it for now~ =)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I love Drew Berrymore…but…hey~ can’t blame me that skepticism is in my personality…><

Ok…so as a present to myself on the last day before school starts again, I went to see “Going the Distance” with my boyfriend yesterday.

I LOVED the movie! It was hilarious, and REALLY fun to watch! It’s a great movie to watch when you’re looking for something that’s light-hearted and just something that’s easy and entertaining! =)

The cast was WONDERFUL~ and all are very talented actors whom made the film very enjoyable~!

That being said…there was ONE thing…and a very minor thing too…perhaps not even considered a “thing” to some people…that BOTHERED me THROUGHOUT the whole dang movie!!

…and that was Drew Berrymore’s…





I know it’s a VERY minor detail…but if you’re as OCD-ed as I am…looking at something so minor like that for a long time…will drive you I-N-S-A-N-E!!!


Like I said…i LOVE her…I think she’s BEAUTIFUL, TALENTED and the PERFECT candidate for the role…but DANG CAN I NOT STARE AT HER EYEBROWS!!!

I’ll show you what I mean!

This was her eyebrows when she was promoting the CG Lashblast Fusion:

DrewBarrymore Beautiful isn’t it~?! I personally finds her face absolutely STUNNING~! Her eyebrows here are full, and very defined and shaped very nicely…basically…PERFECT…=D

but, this is her eyebrows in the movie:




seriously…I mean…I get that they were trying to achieve a more “REAL” look to suite the character…but…they could’ve at least taken the initiative  to try and make them look “real” but also nicely groomed and filled in…

Eyebrows is a BIG pet-peeve of mine…and seeing them neglected as they were in the movie drove me CRAZY!!

My boyfriend could not understand why I was complaining about it at the end of the movie…but girls…if you’re as much of a make-up freak as I expect you to be…then you should DEFINITELY get how I feel about ‘em…

Anyway…regardless, I still ADORE Berrymore and her character…and I guess the M.A. is really the one to blame this time… LOL~

Hope you guys have a GREAT week~~

That’s all for now.. <3 ~

Monday, September 13, 2010


I’m usually not a big fan of clothing from F21…

I mean, their stuff are very low in prices indeed and they satisfy the needs of trend followers…but for someone who is looking for QUALITY instead of quantity…and someone who is as picky about what they put on their body as I am…then F21 is definitely not a go-to store for me.

Don’t get me wrong, they do sometimes have VERY nice things that you can find for fraction of the price if you were to buy the same thing somewhere else…but the cost of that is I’d have to DIG through the PILES of things that aren’t so attractive before I can even find a SINGLE item that satisfies my eyes.

However…the same thing doesn’t apply to their EARRINGS…oh MAN!!

I think in the last 2 weeks, I must have bought close to TEN pairs of earrings from F21…and I swear they total up to under TWENTY dollars!!!

Contrary to their clothing, I find that their jewelleries are very “delicate.” The quality of the earrings are really good…well at least I think they’re definitely better than H&M’s and also the craftsmanship of the earrings always take me by surprise as the prices seem to indicate otherwise! The WIDE range of designs will for sure suite EVERYONE’S tastes…you’ll for sure to find SOMETHING that you’ll like in the jewellery section…

Enough of blabbing and on to the reason behind this post…and that is that I’ve bought yet ANOTHER set of earrings from them…><

Sorry to BORE you…but…i seem to be ADDICTED…@.@


DSC01170  DSC01174  DSC01176

Like I mentioned…these are very detailed and carefully made…They don’t appear to be CHEAP which is something that should be carefully watched out for when purchasing jewelleries or accessories in general.

They have the WEIGHT that a good piece of jewellery should always have, which is yet another plus for them…and overall I think their designs are just SIMPLE and CHIC…and it’s what makes me wanting to go back and dig for more EVERY TIME I step near a F21 store…>.>

Well…anyway…I think I’ve bored you enough of my rambles…I hope this long post will be of SOME SORT of help to when you’re looking for affordable and NICE jewelleries for difference occasions.

That’s it for now…=)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sometime I feel like people from Lancome never went to math classes…


If you’ve ever shopped for Lancome products at Sears or The Bay, you’ll know what I’m talking about…

Don’t get me wrong, I mean they have GREAT gift that they give away when they have sales, but…sometimes i feel like their GIFT are WAY better than the actual things that you’d have to buy to get them!! O.O

like…for example…my mom once got a gift that was a FULL size product valued way over $100, yet she spent about the equal amount, and bought a set of skin care things that were basically what i call gibberish!! (things that were small and make you go like “wtf…when am I ever gonna use things like this…”)

She ended up having much more use of the GIFT than the actual items that came in the package…

But the point of this post is that I dug up some gifts that I had stashed away…and these are REALLY good gifts…

DSC01115 DSC01117 DSC01119 

These are GORGEOUS products!!! Believe it or not, but the juicy tube shown in the picture is one of my FAVOURITE lip colours of all time…and diddo to the baby pink lipstick…

This is EXACTLY why I titled the post as it is…because I honestly think these products are WAY too good to be given away like this!! xD HAHA! but oh well!! I guess it’s our luck! =D

I LOOOOOVE the e/s quad, and ironically, the colours are almost identical to the colours I used to create the autumn look that I uploaded last time….

So I used the quad and recreated that look from the colours given…the e/s might appear to be very shimmery in the picture, however, it only gives a very radiant and pearly glow once it’s on the eyes, and immediately lights it up!! :D


Excuse the bad pictures…I had to edit them a little cuz they were taken in a rush and thus the bad quality and lighting…

Here is a swatch of the colours in the quad


Personally…the purple is my ABSOLUTE favourite….it has a blue glow that’s just sooo beautiful under bright light~~~

Haha~ enough of my blabbing…I’m trying to get as many posts out there as possible before school starts again on Monday…T.T

Hope you all have enjoyed this. =)

That’s it for now…

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mmm~~ Chocolate!!!


Chocolate is considered one of the best aphrodisiacs of all times!!!

For a girl, the pleasure caused by sensation of chocolate melting on your tongue GREATLY surpasses the pleasure aroused by a hot make-out session with your special someone…xD

But did you know…that chocolate can also be your skin’s best friend~?! O.O

Therefore, the saying “eating chocolate will cause acne,” is completely untrue…

Well…at least chocolate itself (ie. the cocoa part) won’t actually break you out!

It’s the excessive consumption of sugar that causes the skin to act up~

Cocoa is actually a GREAT antioxidant for your body and SKIN!!!

Regular consumptions of dark chocolate not only will improve the appearance of your skin (less pimples, and less breakout) but it will also improve the overall quality of your skin!!

Overtime, you should have a SMOOTHER complexion, as the cocoa should improve roughness, dryness and a lot of other things too!! =D


If you’re like me…someone who just CAN’T stay away from the creamy taste of MILK chocolate…just make sure that you don’t OVER eat it!! one piece a day shouldn’t hurt all that much~

I’ve been having CRAZY chocolate cravings the past couple days, and I finally got my hands on some AWESOME chocolaty treats!! ^.~


DSC01134 DSC01135

DSC01131  DSC01136 


I have recently also found an awesome dark chocolate that will also give you the creaminess that most dark chocolates don’t have!!


Hershey’s Bliss in Dark Chocolate!!!

The creamy filling (which is like a fudgy foamy texture) will surely fulfill your deepest chocolaty desires!!!! =D

Haha! Anyway…I hope you all have a SWEEEEET weekend~!!! <3

That’s all I have for now~~ ^.~

(P.S. in case anyone is wondering…I’m definitely NOT paid by Hershey’s to endorse their products~~ but I sure wish I was!! xD So I can get me some GOOD chocolates!! =D)

Friday, September 10, 2010

For once…I was inspired by mother nature


So fall’s almost here!!

You know when you go around just browsing beauty blogs, and you see people’s tutorials that was “inspired by this inspired by that?”

Well…I never was inspired by anything…up until this point that is…

Actually I guess it’s not much of an inspiration…I think it’s more of just me picking out colours that coincidentally matched the colours of the seasons…BUT…regardless…here it is:

DSC01111副本I used my CS 88 Matte Palette:
1 – highlight
2 – inner 1/2 of the eye
3 – outer 1/2 of the eye
4 – blending colour for 2 and 3 
5 – crease colour
6 – outer corner to intensify

DSC01112I used MAC’s Paint Pot in Perky to prime my lids, and lined my eyes with MUFE’s Aqua Black Cream Shadow

DSC01113I filled in my brows with Gosh’s Eyebrow Pencil, and also used CG’s Lashblast on my lower lash line. 



DSC01103 DSC01108

haha! anyway~ thought it was fun to share this with you all…hope you’ve enjoyed it! =)

That’s it for now…><  


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