Sunday, August 14, 2011

Joe Fresh…Fresh and Simple.


I just happened to come across a new brand called Joe Fresh and decided to check it out. Upon Googling and finding their website, I was pleasantly surprised with the appearance of the brand and wanted to do some further investigation. Being the university student that I am, I Wiki-ed (as always, the ultimate bible to anything you’ll ever want to know,) the band.

Turns out, Joe Fresh not only offers simple apparel for women and kids, they have a whole complete cosmetics line as well!! The company, I believe, is actually a Canadian company, and it is launched as a sub-brand of Loblaws and the Real Canadian Superstore! I took a look at some of their products, and let’s just say that the brand has left me with a VERY good first impression!

To start off with, I took a peek at their apparel line. The feel that it left me with is probably along the lines of it being equal to something from Target in the States? They’re simple basic pieces that look very well made for the prices that they were marked at.




Here are a few examples of what you can find on their website: Summer Dress - $39
Good for day at work or perhaps a relaxing evening with girlfriends perhaps?










One Shoulder Dress - $49
Excellent for date night, or just a night out in town look. Best part – It’s silk!






But the thing that excited me the MOST has to be their extensive cosmetics line! Let’s just take a quick look:






From cream shadows, to pressed shadows, to brow powders and cream shadow sticks…everything is marked in the rand of $4-$6 a piece! They also have a very wide range of colour selections! Pressed powder shadows alone offers 26 different shades!!!











and then, there are the face products! They look just absolutely AMAZING! the colour selection and the simplicity of the packaging all make the products look very promising!!











I must admit that I’m deeply in love with how simple and CLEAN the packaging looks and I’m really looking forward to getting me hands on some of these products!











They also offer: nail polishes,




individual brushes or brush sets,  




and of course cosmetic accessories! All of which are priced in similar ranges!





I’m just really really excited to see some of these products and maybe try them out!!! I believe the brand has just opened 3 new store in Ontario, and they’re available at most Loblaws, No Frills, or the Real Canadian Superstore locations!


For more information, you can visit the website: or you can keep updated with their blog too:

I’m super excited, and I should definitely keep the blog updated about any near future purchases that I can sense coming!


they have a flagship store @ vmills! XD like one whole store of joe fresh stuff~

yea yea!! xD I'm gonna drop by a Loblaws soon to see if I can pick up some stuff to try first~~ xD

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