Tuesday, August 16, 2011

OOTD – Exam Edition.


It’s interesting how I would do an outfit of the day post on a day that most would be the least concerned with how they look. But I for one, am actually very picky about what I wear especially on exam days. Mainly, I need to be in something comfy and relaxed so that I’m not constrained, and have to worry about being uncomfortable when I need all of my attention focused on the paper in front of me.


Top: V-neck sweater from Aritzia
Super super SUPER soft, and very flowy and very breezy

Shorts: Aritzia
Button on the sides, soft cotton and very flexible

Bag: H&M
light weight, versatile and LOVE the colour

Hair: pined up
I always need my hair out of my face! I’m sure all of you know exactly how annoying it is to have ahri falling all over your face when you’re writing an exam~?


i bought those shorts too!! :D awesome deal for 35$!

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