Friday, December 30, 2011

Splurges Splurges...

At this point, I feel nothing inside but guilt about buying yet ANOTHER Aritzia piece, considering my last purchase was oh....YESTERDAY.

Shame on me. I know.

But this was a piece that I had my eyes on for a REALLY LONG TIME...

as I mentioned yesterday: It was the Talula Sleeveless "CNK" Blouse
(ie. The tank top version of this)

I had SO much trouble looking for the actual picture of the top, it was as if it'd never existed! The receipt actually said: "LACE SLVLS CNK BLOUSE" I figured out every short form except for the CNK part...if anyone knows what it actually stands for...PLEASE let me know!

I first saw this back in August-ish, at that time I wasn't in the best financial situation possible...>.> and hence I decide that I was going to force myself to turn away.

But you know the feeling that you get when you find literally the PERFECT piece for you and no matter how long you stay away from it, or try to convince yourself that you don't need it, it will ALWAYS be sitting at the back of your head poking at you and telling you: YOU MUST HAVE IT? 

Well, this was one of those for me. 

I had never even bothered trying it on when I first saw it back a couple months ago, because I knew if I did I would've NOT been able to control my urge to grab this and just RUN! Even then, I knew it would've been perfect. Today I finally decided that I was going to treat myself and make an impulse purchase that I knew I wasn't going to regret. The moment I slipped this on (without having it rub against any of my makeup and lipstick -- success!!) I knew I was right from the start!! Everything fitted PERFECTLY! Every wrinkle, ruffle, curve of the fabric fell into the right places and just looked like it was tailored for me! =))

I did not need to hesitate at all when I had to take out my credit card and make that swipe!

The original price of this was $48 which I would've bought either way. But since it is still Boxing week, Aritzia was kindly enough to have a $4 discount on this...-.- (considering the rip-off nature of the brand, that discount was actually quite...decent...). I still think this was well worth the money and time spent!

I will DEFINITELY have an outfit of the day with this tank, and I cannot WAIT to see how it turns out under either a blazer or just a casual cardigan~!

I am overfilled with JOY right now! 

All my love,


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