Thursday, March 24, 2011

Planning Ahead…


As always, I am invited back to my high school tomorrow night to judge for the annual Talent Night…(4 hours of show….where there is more BAD than GOOD….definitely not SUPER excited about this…)

Anyway, I always try to dress up a bit for the show. Even though it’s not something very fancy and formal, I always felt like it made us, the judges, a little bit more professional looking. So that the kids don’t take us as “just some random graduates we’ve had in the past…”

I’m going for sort of a sweet and professional look tomorrow night. So I paired a very cute and spring-y tank top that I just bought from Forever 21, together with a white cardigan.

DSC02997The tank is dark navy blue and has ruffles on the collar and down the center, and is made of super soft cotton material!

I’m going to pair this with dark washed skinny jeans and a pair of black heels!! =D

I think it’s going to be simple and classy~~ xD

I’m planning to pull my hair back into a bun and wear some bold earrings to accommodate for the emptiness.

I’m kind of deciding between these two:

These are silver earrings with dark blue crystals in the center, and they kind of resemble Vivian Westwood…O.O


These are GOLD matte finished earrings with jewels and pearls clustered in the center…I love the fact that these are so detailed, the petals have folds carved in them and the structures of the flower are incredible!


I think I like the GOLD with the blue a little bit more, because it kind of stands out both with my navy blue top and also against my black hair!

My rule for dressing up is never to go over THREE colours when it comes to choosing your main pieces~~


Other than that, I think that’s really it!  What do you all think??

I hope I will have time to do OOTD tmr!! ><

Thanks for reading!  


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