Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 9. a photo of something you've been wanting to do

This is what I’ve really really wanted to do:

(Stole this picture off of Google…><)

Anyway…make-up school!! I really wanted to get certified and be able to to this professionally, but these courses are really expensive, and plus, not matter how open minded my parents are, they’re still Asian. I’m not forced to become a doctor or engineer (I chose the med school pathway myself…) but they’re still not super up to the idea of making a living off of things like art (precisely the reason why I did not enrol in music…something that I’ve done since when I was 3 and actually am quite good at…>.>)

However, as of yesterday, I’ve officially made this my Plan C! If all else fails, ie. Plan A – going to med school and Plan B – grad school , make-up is going to be what I’ll be living off of there and then.

Hope you’ve enjoyed!

(P.S. I got tired of the “that’s it for now” ending…so I’m going to stop using it…)


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