Thursday, November 18, 2010

Early birthday present, and RED card from Starbucks


Sam got me my early birthday present and I’m so happy about it!!! xD

Cuz it’s something that’s been on my wish-list of things to buy before x’mas and I finally “got” it!!!

It’s a lipstick from MAC’s Venomous Villains collection called “Heartless”




DSC01882    ADORABLE packaging as always. The photo is a bit untrue to the actual colour of the lipstick. In reality, this is actually more of a cool and blue undertoned red. It’s very lively and vibrant and I think it’s GORGEOUS with simply just some eyeliner and mascara!! It’s REALLY great particularly for Christmas, because red goes so well with the holiday’s colour theme!

I think this is somewhat similar to my Anna Sui – Sui Rouge V, which is why it caught my attention in the first place, but this is wayyyyy more pigmented (Anna Sui is actually somewhat sheerer.)

Anyway, I will soon do a lipstick post and show you some dupes and swatch.

I’ll also be uploading a wish-list!! Something that I think would be very helpful during Christmas time~xD haha!

I’ve been kind of going on a splurge this month, and I really need to hold on tight to my wallet now until before x’mas…T.T

Bought this pair of earrings today from H&M and I think they’re really classy and can easily go with any colour:

DSC01875 Also went ahead and got a Starbucks’ RED card:

DSC01883 I’ve become a regular customer at Starbucks now…and it seems like such a hassle to be always carrying cash around with me. This is also going to a very good cause: 5 cents from your every purchase will be going towards RED in helping out with HIV in Africa!

For more info:

(I’m not paid or affiliated with them, everything written is my own opinion and purchased with my own money…-.-)

Anyway, I encourage everyone who gets a chance to check RED out, and maybe see if there’s a way that you can contribute to this project.

Thanks for reading!


yay ^_^
- yay for mac!
- yay for H&M in the rain!
- yay for STARBUX RED
- yay for BLOG POST!

LOL!!! somehow...i managed like 2 or 3 posts yesterday when i was supposedly catching up on physio.....><

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