Wednesday, November 24, 2010




I should NOT have walked into Sephora today!

After seeing a couple of videos on the Cake Beauty Body Hydrating Moisture Milk, I walked stright over to try it out!

When you spray it, it's a fine watery mist, that's kind of milky white in colour.

It has a very nutty fragrence which I personally do not mind at all.

When you rubb the liquid in, it leaves your skin SOOO SOFT!!

I think it's incredibly moisturizing! My moisturizer now is kind of a little too light for me. But with this added to my moisturizing routine, I think it could just make it PERFECT!!

It wasn't sticky or greasy at all! but just felt like it was very refreshing and my skin just soaked it all up!!

I did not get an allergic reaction on my wrist yet so I can't wait to go back and get a sample to try out!!!

I think the trio with the other shower cream and sugar scrub would be a really good deal too!! ><



oopsie! sorry helen :/

I FOUND AWAY TO STAY AWAY FROM FOOD. i'm watching super size me. =)

ROFL!! SERIOUSLY~?! that actually helps you~?! O.O

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