Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mini Haul.....

I don't get it.

A haul is buying a lot of things right?? how could there be a mini hual....??? 0.o...a mini haul is not buying a lot of things....but if i don't buy a lot of things it's not a hual anymore...0.o...or could it be that i buy a little of a lot of things~?!? 0.o............


moving on....

I went ot wal-mart at lunch yesterday and picked up a couple of things...things that i've heard a lot about and finally decided to buy....

1) Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara

I was REALLY REALLY strugling between the original one and Lash Blast Fusion....

I watched a couple of reviews on YT, and they all said that LB fusion was a scam!

and then i thought, since the rave was about Lash Blast and not LB fusion, it proally means that the original formula was better and it'd proally be safer for me to buy Lash Blast than to buy the newer "improved" version of it.
So I did.

Still in the process of trying it out..getting a feeling of this mascara, but so far..i'm REALLY liking it...

expect a review on this shortly!

2) L'Oreal True Match Superblendable Makeup

remeber how a couple days ago i was still debating about this?

Well, when the impulsive nature of me took over yesterday, it wasnt such a big decision to make anymore....>.>

As i mentioned before...I REALLY like the fact that L'Oreal is the only brand that actually bothered to take undertones into consideration when makeing their foundations, so I had a very easy time picking out the right shade for me, and it was an EXACT match to my skin tone right now...>.> which might i PRETTY dark!! (T.T II'm now a true beige......)

I literally spent only 2 mins at the stand to pick out colours!! The colour of the foundation in the bottle is pretty closely matched to the actual colour of the foundation. Thumbs up L'Oreal!
Will also do a review on this soon~

3) NYC Colour Wheel mosaic Face Powder

AS raved by Tao...My favourite guru on YT....

I went and got the shade peach glow...which is absolute GORDEOUS!!!
These powders shocked me!! because i NEVER expected it to be THIS pigmented and smooth~~

I'm surprised because these were actually designed to be like an all over face powder for correcting undertone problems...0.o...well...if i bought this for that purpose i probably and likely won't be impressed with this at all....but for a blush it's one MEAN product~~ there are a couple other shades that i'm really interested in...these are DEFINITELY going on my wish list~ expecting a review on this~
Overall...i think this was a good mini haul!! I'm very impressed with ALL of the products that i bought..and you makeup freaks out there know: this DOESNT happen very often~
Keep your head up for updates, reviews and swatches~~
But that's it for now~~ =)


oh yea my frnd told me which foundation she used
"I use Maybelline Pure Makeup in light.. (4).. ? (is the four supposed to be there? i think its a shade.)
That foundation and l'oreal true match are the best drugstore foundations you can get which are closest to a high end foundation. I like pure more than the true match because it's more creamy whereas true match is more liquidy... ;D I HOPE THAT HELPED ahahah : )"

so its l'oreal true match LAWL. which u bought.

LOL!!! i used it today and i LOOOOOOOOOOVE IT!!! XD
lol~ it's like photready *5000000000000000
man!!! it's SOOO NICE!! and i used to not like smashbox it's like...0.o..??'s not bad..XD

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