Friday, January 21, 2011


I’ve been MIA for a while now…exams…then going to China for the winter break…then school started right after I came back…there was the jet lagging…and so on…

BUT I think I’m finally getting back to my balance and ready to start blogging regularly again…

Before I left Blog I was posting a lot of things on LUUUX and then posting it here as well, but I decided to ditch the LUUUX idea and just stick with blog….(LUUUX was such a time waster…)

Anyway, I have MASSIVE HAULS to post on the things that I got in China, which SURPRISE SURPRISE are make-up items mostly….=)

I also have a couple of reviews coming up, on things that I’ve recently tried and liked; updated skin care routine and products etc.

Actually, there are some things that I would like to say about LUUUX.

While it is a creative idea to get people to FEVERISHLY write about what they enjoy in life to earn different things that they might like…most of the site really is just ENDLESS lists of SPAM posts, and I felt like my blog was being spam by MYSELF when I was transferring my LUUUX things here.

It was really a waste of time, people don’t really read or care about what you wrote about at all, and they just commented to earn points. I thought I would be ok with it in the beginning, but I still had my blog habits, and I was writing about serious stuff that I wanted to talk about, and people just didn’t appreciate it on there at all and I sort of got offended by that….

I think even though blog is not built on a reward system, it has a lot more VALUABLE contents to offers and I can actually get something out of spending my time to read BLOG instead of spamming LUUUX…and this has made me appreciate Blog posts so much more, and which means I am going to take Blog much more seriously now. =)

I think that’s quite enough with the rambling.

Hope you all are having a very good 2011 so far!

Will update soon! =)


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