Sunday, October 10, 2010

NEVER underestimate the power of MAKEUP!!!

Whoever said that makeup is useless and a waste of money can now go shoot themselves in the knee...

Not only does makeup have the ability to enhance the natural beauty that we have inside, but also, makeup is a powerful tool as a HOUSEHOLD CLEANING DETERGENT~?!~ O.O

yep! you heard right!!

I am very OCD when it comes to keeping things PERFECTLY clean…

I was trying to clean a dry erasable calendar over the weekend, and no matter how hard i scrubbed with water, the marker just won’t come off completely!!! (which according to the marker, water was claimed to be the cleaning detergent that’s effective enough for removing of the marker)

And then I though to myself…hey…isn’t this the same as removing makeup residue on your face after you wash your face~?! O.O and that led me into thinking that TONER was the perfect candidate for the job!!

So i grabbed a cotton pad and got some of my Seaweed Toner on there (I know, what a wasteful way to use it…!><) but anyway, I then scrubbed at the marker and it was GONE!!!


So now I have a complete and legitimate reason to snap back at anyone that is ever going to tell me that makeup is useless and a waste of money!! =D

I’m also happy to realize that I’ve not completely dulled by this whole studying science thing, and that I’m still very creative when it comes to life~ ^^ THANK GOD!

lol~ anyway~ that’s all for now…


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