Thursday, June 16, 2011

I got a HAIRCUT!!!

I was SOO annoyed with my hair because it was getting SO damaged, tangled and thick!!! There are no layers left and no shape to my head what so ever, so I needed a trim!!!

I went to Chin-Generation at Pacific Mall which is the place that I usually go to. Out of every hair salon I went to I think this one offers me the most in terms the quality of their cut and customer service!! I also love the fact that most of their stylist can give me a hair cut according to what I want, and create a style that suits my face shape, my features and everything else. It’s simple enough that you can just tell them what you want, and they are very understanding will offer you something very close to what you were looking for.

I’ve had a side part for the LONGEST time, and this time, I felt like I wanted to try a center part for a change.

It was a risky choice because it’s very hard to work a center part, because you have to be very symmetrical to look flattering with it. It is also a HECK LOAD of maintenance involved EVERYDAY…

My stylist was Perry Pak and he did a GREAT job on my hair layering it and keeping the length that I want..and giving me the EXACT look that I wanted!!! ^^ *so happy!!*


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It’s a VERY romantic look!! All I did was taking a curling iron and curled my bangs BACKWARDS on the top of my head…and when it falls, it will fall away from your face in a very lose and voluminous way!!


I LOOOVED how sleek my hair looked but it took FOREVER for him to blow-dry it straight!! >< I certainly don’t have the skills to do it myself…and I don’t think that a flat iron would make it look as SMOOTH it is!!! That’s one thing that I hate coming back from the hair salon~~ you can never make it look as nice as the way that they made it for you!! TT^TT


That’s about it! Hope you guys enjoyed it!


Thanks for reading!


oo thanks for the tip! I'll try that next time : O

Your new hair looks really cute :)

I am happy you like it. But I am not there anymore, please find me on facebook. Just search "perry pak" and you should fine me.

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